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    Speak Up! - View Question #417

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    Question: Does my school have the right to suspend/expel me for what I have on my personal website AND Q. Can I be suspended for what I have on my personal website if it was taken off and brought to school?

    Answer: Yes, in certain circumstances. In most jurisdictions, public schools have statutory authority to make rules and regulations to govern the school and discipline students. However, this authority is not unlimited. The Supreme Court has held that schools do not have an absolute power to limit the speech of their students. However, when the content of the speech is likely to cause a disruption at the school, the speech itself may be forbidden. Simple discomfort or anger on the part of teachers or other school administrators is not enough to justify discipline. Recently, another court applied this general rule to a student's personal web page and again decided that, unless there is a reasonable expectation that the message would cause a disruption, the student who posts the message should not be subject to punishment. Put another way, the school would probably be able to punish the student if there is a reasonable belief that, if the information on the website is seen by the student population, a disruption will ensue (for example: the student posts plans for the commission of a violent crime on campus). The likelihood of a disruption, and the justification for discipline, will increase if the material from the personal website is printed and taken to school. The answer to these questions, therefore, depends greatly on the circumstances involved.

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    On 04/26/05
    Revjak from NC said:
    XD That reminds me...In computers class, some guys were looking at pictures of half-naked women, but then when I try to get on Albinoblacksheep.com, it says it's blocked...Rather wierd that they'd block something humorous and not something pornographic...
    On 01/30/04
    Aaron from AZ said:
    I think so too. I have a friend who puts stuff on his websites all the time (with or without the owner's permission) and is just fine. He even goes onto the site at school to check how many hits he's gotten. Not even a slap on the wrist, even though it SHOULD be filtered out of the network. That's the times we live in. ß
    On 05/21/02
    Sara from NY said:
    We just had the same thing go on in our school. I'm a Senior at High School and last week my senior class and some members of the junior class decided to have a food fight. And our principal stubbled upon a Junior's website and the website apparently had some "threating" things in the website. Not only did the student got suspended but the website was shut down. I dont think its right that this student was punished. If you own the website you should be able to have whatever you want on the site. If its not hurting or threating anyone then I feel that it should not be a major deal.
    On 05/15/02
    Lori from AZ said:
    I believe that if you own a website, that you made no one has the right to make you take off the content on it. However I also believe depending on your age should depend on what you put on the site you made. Like adult sites and content... you should be the legal age to have that on your site. Along with tabacco products and other illegal stuff. One who would take their website to school opens the question of why? If they want someone to see it give them the http or www address and have them look at it on their own time. Not in school. If they don't own a computer... go to the library or frie
    On 04/22/02
    alyce from AZ said:
    I think if thier is something on my website that has nothing to do with school they should stay out of it and leave my internet life out of school. Exspecially if I didn't say anything that would indanger thier life.
    1 thru 5 of 7 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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