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    I live in Arizona, is there no possibility of me requesting legal emancipation without parental consent?


    Read more about Emancipation in the Laws section of this website.

    Arizona law makes your parents responsible for your well-being until you turn 18 years old.

     The only exceptions to this are if you are legally married (if you are under 18, parents must approve of you being married) or join the military (parents must usually give their approval if you join the military before you are 18).

    In cases where parents are not providing for your well-being (like cases of abuse or neglect), the state government can sever a parent's rights. This means that due to evidence of abuse or neglect of a child, the state declares that a parent is not fufilling their legal responsibility to provide for a child's well-being. In cases such as this, a parent's rights over a child may be severed.

    This is not emancipation though, as the child is taken care of by the Arizona foster care system until they are 18.

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    On 06/25/08
    Jackie from AZ said:
    I have no legal father & I am currently living with my mother & her new boyfriend which she has only known for 3 weeks. I want to get emancipated but have no job because she is constantly moving me around. Although i have had others in the past. And would it help if at the hearing i had written letters from multiple other people that have housed me before due to her neglect and mental and sometimes physical abuse? Along with the fact that because of her i was homeless for 3 months and now she won't let me live on my own and once emancipated i would have a safer steady adult to live with.
    On 09/29/07
    Shayan from AZ said:
    I am 17 years old and I currently live with my mom but I want to get emmancipated because I want to come live with a friend in Payson but I don't want the cops to get involved, and I can't really get emancipated because I haven't been working for the past five months so that means I would have to work for three months to prove to the courts, and it takes three months to do the process of emancipation so it would take like six months to get it done and I turn eighteen in six months.
    On 07/18/06
    Che' from AZ said:
    I have a 16 year old niece who has parents dealing with alcoholism and who are neglegting her needs. She doesn't feel safe sleeping in her own bed at night, for fear of waking up to yet another fight. The usual signs of neglect also abound, when we went to her home to pick up a few things for her to stay at my home for a while, the house was dirty, there was no hot-water, beer cans and bottles strewn around and no food in the fridge. She has told me she doesn't want to go home to her parents( they were evicted last week) could she be eligible for emancipation?
    On 05/25/06
    Destiny from MO said:
    I am 17 years old and i have been out of my parents house since 2 weeks after my 17 b-day. i plan to move to Arizona in a couple months and finish my last year of high school out there, but i cannot enroll myself untill age 18. i won't be 18 before school starts, but it is pointless to terminate parental rights when october isn't too far. plus i have many siblings and i don't want them to be seperated. if i go to court, i will fight fire and probably win, but i don't want to be hated, i'd rather move out of state and have them out of my life almost completely. what r all the laws of legal age?
    On 08/30/05
    Stephanie from AZ said:
    I am 17 and I know that I can take care of myself if I were out in the real world. I know exactly what is out there and I am ready to deal with whatever may come my way. However, my parents see things differently, they think that I could not take care of anything without there help. I have gotten myself into school without them, all they did was sign a paper for me to turn in. I think that I should have every legal right to leave home when I am 17 if I can take care of myself. I have made mistakes, but I should have legal right to emancipate myself. No one is perfect, but I am responsible.
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