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    Speak Up! - View Question #470

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    Question: Does a public school teacher have the right to send me to the office for drawing a picture of Satan in class?

    Answer: Public school teachers are encouraged to deal with difficult students without resorting to trips to the principal, but teachers can decide whether a student is so disruptive that he or she needs to be removed from the classroom.

    Once the student has been removed from the classroom, the principal or assistant principal should talk with the student to find out what happened before deciding what disciplinary action will be taken, if any.

    Drawing a picture of Satan could be a completely innocent act of self-expression or an act of serious misconduct. It depends upon the circumstances: Was the drawing an art project or part of a threatening note? Was the drawing made on a piece of paper or on the student's desktop? A drawing of Satan is not something that warrants disciplinary action all by itself. But if the drawing is tied to some other misconduct, then disciplinary action may be justified. A trip to the principal's office may be needed to sort out what really happened.

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    On 05/08/06
    Emmanuel from CA said:
    I remember drawing aliens in 6th grade and I got in trouble for it, and I believe that the reason is because I wasn't doing school work like I was supposed to. I was doing something I WANTED to do, rather than what I should have been doing in school
    On 05/02/06
    damien from NC said:
    no that is just wrong! teachers shouldent care wat kids draw at school or home, but to send one to the office becuase he drew satan! i draw the grim reaper and she let me keep it after she looked at it
    On 03/06/06
    Marty from CO said:
    They can't do that because school is supposed to be neutral in faith in god or satan...
    On 01/31/06
    Rick from PA said:
    I don't see why someone can't draw a picture of satan in school. Its just a picture. Unless you are drawings pictures of shooting the teacher then I could see your point. I mean I drew wierd stuff like that when I was in high school and I am doing fine with myself. But whatever its not me
    On 12/06/05
    Lindy from WI said:
    Really people! I draw Satan all the time and nothing like that has ever happened to me. Just keep it to yourself if you're going to doodle, don't show your picture to everyone if you don't want people spazzing.
    1 thru 5 of 24 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5    

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