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    Speak Up! - View Question #50

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    Question: What are the consequences for getting into a car accident with only a learners permit?

    Answer: If you're driving with a licensed adult, the consequences will not be any different than anyone else with a license who is involved in an accident. But, if you're not driving with a licensed driver, then you face a 'driving without a license' ticket and possible fines.

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    On 01/29/09
    Katie from NY said:
    My bf is Albanian and was driving my truck to pick me up. He only has a driver's permit, but has a valid driver's license from Greece and Albania. A car hit him from behind. Will he or I get in trouble and can he sue?
    On 08/19/08
    jas from DE said:
    I just got on my second six months about four days ago, which means that I can drive by myself with a couple restrictions. I was at Target with my friend and I was going to pull the car to the curb so that she could get in. Unfortuately I misjudged and was on the wrong side of the street, but by the time I realized it I was head on with another car. She braked and I tried to but, my foot slipped and wound up on the gas. Needless to say we collided and now have to go to court.
    On 03/05/08
    Nelly from FL said:
    so i was in a car accident saturday night 3-1-08 it was 11pm and i was taking a left turn on a stop sign.i looked both ways and the way was clear only for one car that was a little far back.so i took the turn and when i looked through the side mirror the lights were too close and he hit me.and my car hit a tree and his hit a fence.i had to be air lifted to jackson truma center because the car wreck was really bad.but im 17 and i only had my learners permit and i wasnt under my moms insurance.what do u think is going to happen?
    On 10/31/07
    Mazzy from NJ said:
    I ran in to a car without a permit or a llicense but the car that i was driving was covered under insurance. the cops took my info and gave me three tickets saying Careless driver on one of them and the other two were blank. please could someone tell me what will happen to me and might the cops do. i have to go to the judge too. they gave a date to come to the judge. Please some one reply.to me at mazzy_rashida@yahoo.com please thank u
    On 09/24/07
    tearra from MN said:
    a couple nights ago my friends and i were all hanging out, they wanted to go and and party but i didnt want to so i said i would drop them off once i dropped them off i went into a drive way to try to turn around and go back to my house then i rear end this girl and i left by panic later on our families agreed to my family paying for the damges two days later the police show up at my house ik i wont be able to get my lisence till im 18, but what else will i get charged with? please help me i have no idea how sever teh consequences can be?
    1 thru 5 of 18 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4    

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