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    Speak Up! - View Question #501

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    Question: Is selling ecstasy attempted murder?

    Answer: No. Selling ecstasy is a crime under chapter 13 of the criminal code in Arizona. The crime of attempted murder is covered by ARS 13-1104 & 12-1001. Selling a person ecstasy would only constitute the crime of attempted murder if the seller tried to get the victim to overdose on the drug, knowing that selling the victim that drug would result in his/her death.

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    On 02/22/05
    valentin from AZ said:
    I think that it should be an attempted of murder, because if the person who is selling it knows that the person who is buying it can die.
    On 11/25/03
    Corum from OR said:
    You guys obviously know nothing of E-Bomb. E is a safer drug than most, the most dangerous part about it is that it is a dance drug, and you can dehydrate yourself if you don't replace lost fluids, you can also drink too much water that would cause swelling of the brain...which pushes on the brain stem and causes heart failure and other motor functions. It is possible to over-dose on the drug, but you would need to take a fairly large amount of it, which would be your choice, as it would with the whole water factore. So, if anything, it would be suicide, not atempted murder.
    On 03/03/03
    Vanessa from IN said:
    I don't believe that selling ecstacy should be considered attempted murder. I believe this due to the fact that most people know that you can die your first time "trying" ecstacy, so in other words it is your choice to do the drug or not, not someone else. They are just helping you by supplying it for you. People sell cocaine, and heroine which you can also die your first time using, so if ecstacy would be considered attempted murder than should all other drugs besides pot be under that rule too?
    On 01/07/03
    john from CO said:
    Don't be silly. Car salesmen know that you can die using a car, but it's not illegal to sell cars, let alone attempted murder!!!
    On 08/28/02
    tiff from AZ said:
    i think it is, becausethe person knows it'll kill whoever takes it!
    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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