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    Speak Up! - View Question #506

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    Question: Is it possible to sell hemp products (clothes, hats, etc) in AZ/US?

    Answer: Yes, anyone can legally make, sell, and buy hemp products in the U.S. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) enforces a federal law, called the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of 1970, that forbids domestic cultivation of hemp. No one can legally grow hemp in the U.S. without a special license from the DEA, but these licenses have been rarely granted since World War II.

    What is Hemp?

    Industrial hemp is from the same plant species (Cannabis sativa) that produces marijuana. Unlike marijuana, however, industrial hemp has only minute amounts of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient that gives marijuana its euphoric and medicinal properties. Various parts of the hemp plant can be utilized in the making of textiles, paper, paints, clothing, plastics, cosmetics, foodstuffs, insulation, and animal feed.

    Read the federal law Controlled Substances Act.

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    On 03/06/08
    colton from AZ said:
    So far from what i have read marijuana is against the law of course. But fiber hemp is not like marijuana. They both have extreamly light pollen so any body that grows fiber hemp will keep any one from growing illegal marijuana because of the fact that the fiber hemp may mix with teir narcotic and mess up their next crop. So i dont really see the problem of growing fiber hemp. 1 it will keep the people who wnat to grow hemp with high THC will go else where. So do you see my point if you take the time to read my little essy.
    On 03/16/05
    John from AZ said:
    The government would not be able to justify the huge budget on the "War against Drugs" if they were all legal. Think of all of the drug related crime that is going on. If it was legal, crime rate would drop. Look at the crime rate in other places where pot is legal. Just my opinion.
    On 01/31/04
    Dave from NJ said:
    i shouldn't be legalized, it should be decriminalized. legalization would make it susceptible to strict control, almost like it is now.
    On 01/12/04
    Chris from OR said:
    Hemp, and Marijuana in general was originally made illegal because the people writing the laws were major owners of other products and didn't want the competition.
    On 07/26/03
    Ed from CO said:
    I have a ? My cousins and I have a problem,my grandma who is 80 lives in Nebraska and has lots of hemp growing on her farm. The farm is going belly up and we were wondering if we couldnt sell some of this hemp to get grandma out of debt,nothing illegal,something we can do or make to help grandma.
    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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