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    Speak Up! - View Question #516

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    Why is marijuana illegal?


    Something is illegal when laws are passed prohibiting it. Marijuana is against the law because there are specific laws which make it illegal.


    To understand why certain things are illegal, we should understand two basic principles: (1) where laws come from; (2) why one thing, rather than another, may have a law against it.

    Laws are rules which are enforced by a controlling authority or Government. In the United States, we have a Constitution, which is considered the highest body of law, or rules, in the land. The US Constitution creates three areas of government: 1. a President to oversee the country; 2. a Legislature to enact and create rules of law; and 3. a Court system to test and enforce the rules and laws enacted by the legislature.

    Laws are usually made with the idea of protecting people or things. For instance, laws against driving too fast are safety-oriented and are intended to protect people. Laws against chopping down native cactuses are intended to protect the desert plants, rather than protecting people.

    Before a law on anything is created, people must agree that a law is necessary. For some things, most people agree there is no need for a rule or law to control it. On the other hand, when enough people agree that a law is needed, then one may be created by the legislature. Legislatures are made up of representatives elected by people.

    If something is determined to be dangerous, and people are doing it in spite of its dangers, then the legislature may create a law to prevent people from doing it and the court system may punish people who break the law.

    So, marijuana, like most things which are illegal, has been determined to be a danger to the people, and because some people use it, sell it or possess it in spite of its dangers, laws were created by the legislature to prevent people from using, selling or possessing it and to punish people who violate the law.

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    On 05/25/09
    Ganga from VA said:
    Alchol has reported more deaths than marijuana,the government can control it if it was legal and HELLO OBAMA the legal sell of weed would probably elivate the national debt( even the BIG one you gave us) it mellows people out so there wouldn't be near as much road rage. Think about this: You are driving on the highway at 70miles an hour you look to your left the driver is drinking some beer, you look to the right the driver is enjoying a toke and grooving to music. Of the 2 evils which one will most likely take an innocent life that night?
    On 05/15/09
    Alyssa from NC said:
    I think that we should be able to smoke Marijuana anyways. People will be doing it whether the law prohibits it or not. It's not like LSD or anything. Not even heroine! I think the law should get over it and stop thinkning that even if they enforced it even more that we would stop.
    On 04/15/09
    BJ from TX said:
    I was 13 when my mom began smoking with me. She was very strict about not going out or doing it anywhere else with anyone else. I have raised 4 beautiful, healthy kids by myself. Went back to school & completed with a GPA of 3.5. My oldest graduated @ 16 yrs & one graduated last year & one will be graduating this year. Im currently battling cancer, fibromyalgia & diabetes. I can honestly admit that after 26 yrs of smoking, I couldn't have done any of it without the help of sweet Mary Jane. She has stood by me when everyone else used & abused me.
    On 01/06/09
    smokey from IL said:
    As far as im aware of the only reason marijuana is illigal is because the government can't tax it which means they can't make money off it so they just simply prohibit it
    On 11/02/08
    Chris from TX said:
    "Something is illegal when laws are passed prohibiting it. Marijuana is against the law because there are specific laws which make it illegal". So..it's illegal because it's illegal. Kinda reminds me of those parents who live by the "because i said so" rule
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