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    Speak Up! - View Question #539

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    Question: When I was found drunk by cops, I was drunk, but I didn't have any alcohol on me. The cop said it is an MIP. Why did they call it an MIP when I didn't have any alcohol on me?

    Answer: A person under the age of 21 cannot legally possess or consume alcohol (ARS 4-244(9)) . It is a class 1 misdemeanor (ARS Sec. 4-246(B)) for a person under the legal drinking age to possess or consume alcohol. When the officer said Minor in Possession (MIP) he was citing that law, which allows a for a minor who consumes alcohol to be charged, not just physical possession.

    One final note: A person found guilty for two offenses like this in juvenile court loses the right to drive until they reach the age of 18. (ARS 28-3320(7)).

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    On 05/15/04
    Michael D from CA said:
    What is the highest amount that you have to pay if you get a possesion of alcohol ticket. Do you have to go to drug and alcohol classes. Can they suspend your Driver's license?
    On 04/24/04
    Ann from WA said:
    I was on spring break and my friends and I went out of the county to a small party. We wouldn't open the doors so the cops broke in and the owner of the house had a felony warrant!! We all got MIP's. The 21 year old there was just told to go home. I blew a .097 and my ticket was $500. It's insane. I want to know why it was so high because my friend had one months before and hers was only $300.
    On 04/20/04
    Jose from NC said:
    Im 16 years old and i dont have a permit and i need to find a state where i can get my license the quickist even if i have to get a permit for a short period of time.
    On 04/19/04
    jayme from SD said:
    You had alcohol in your system though! That's why...trust me.its happend
    On 03/29/04
    Ann from TX said:
    I need advice! I was at a party when the cops approached me, but before I could say anything I threw up on the floor. I told him I was fine but the officer charged me with a P.I.(Public Intoxication).My car and pusre were searched where there was alcohol and a fake id.I was hand-cuffed and never read any rights. I didn't get a breathalizer or any alcohol tests.I spent 4 hours in jail and charged with a PI, MIP, and Poss of fake DL.I was never proven drunk, and the ticket said fake driver's license but it was a tx state id card, and not mirandized- what should i do? what is the usual punishment
    1 thru 5 of 29 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5  ...   

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