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    Speak Up! - View Question #556

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    Question: Why don't kids have the right to carry guns?


    Laws are set to protect kids and adults when dangerous instruments are involved. This applies to driving a car as well as to possession of guns. In Arizona, the law states that kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to carry guns.(A.R.S. § 13-3111). This law also provides some exceptions where kids are allowed to have and use a gun under certain restricted conditions.

    For example, a kid can carry a gun if he or she is with a parent, grandparent, qualified hunter safety instructor, or qualified firearms safety instructor as long as there is permission from a parent or guardian. When involved in lawful hunting or shooting events or marksmanship practice, kids between the ages of 14 and 18 are allowed to be in possession of a firearm.(A.R.S. § 13-3111). Because there are many exceptions and details in this statute, you may want to read the law or consult a gun expert or lawyer before actually possessing a firearm.


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    On 04/28/03
    cody from ME said:
    i agree with that i dont think they shouldent let us carry guns
    On 03/11/03
    grave from NJ said:
    I think any one who lets a kid carry a gun is an idiot and the people who say kids should have guns they are porbably kids. Now listen guns were not meant to be used to bring peace happiness they were built for one reason to kill their target which in one of the eyes of a disturbed or headcase kid or think guns are just toys. So thier target would be other innocent people like look what happen in Colorado the columbine all because of a gun like one of the kids posted guns dont kill people people kill people which is wrong people with guns kill people and guns were designed for combat not to br
    On 03/11/03
    Ricky from CT said:
    I think kids should be able to carry guns because if we didn't and a robber came to us, we could get robbed, kidnapped, or even killed or injured. But if we'er carrying protection, we can scare them or if they carryin a piece, shoot them for protection. The law should say that we can't misuse them, but guns help protect our lives.
    On 11/11/02
    Chris from AZ said:
    I don't think that kids should be able to carry guns, but since we do have the 8th ammendment, and the Constitution is for everybody. I think eather kids should be able to own and possess guns or the Constitution needs to be changed.
    On 09/26/02
    Linzi from AZ said:
    Let's see, the key word in this question is "kids". Who in their right mind would let a kid carry a gun? Minors are minors, immature, and would abuse the privilege of carrying a gun. You dont have control of your emotions yet, grow up first before you want to carry a gun!
    31 thru 35 of 40 comments    ...  6  [ 7 ]  8    

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