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    Speak Up! - View Question #498

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    Question: Do you know what states have a drinking age that is under 21? I'm doing a research paper on alcohol and youths.

    Answer: There are no states that allow drinking under the age of 21. This is a federal law and not an individual state law.

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    On 12/30/02
    Matt from VA said:
    State Jurisdiction and Federal Jurisdiction are separate and long have been contradictory toward their cohesive actions regarding enforcement of laws. For instance Marijuana is illegal under federal law, however recently a person charged with DWI in Idaho had their conviction thrown out simply because the Idaho constitution did not recognize marijuana as a controlled substance at that time. a State constitution can supply rights not specifically addressed in a Federal setting. For instance, the right to hunt in Virginia is constitutionally protected under the Virginia Constitution, however n
    On 11/07/02
    Bruce from FL said:
    It is true, in 19 of the 50 you are allowed to drink under the age of 21 but not purchase. I got this infomation from www.icap.org/publications/report4.html The report was called "Drinking Age Limits".
    On 10/24/02
    Ryan from WY said:
    You are wrong about a states constitution not being able to defy a federal law, in California it is legal to smoke pot for medicinal purposes, but at a federal level it is completely illegal to smoke pot for any reason what so ever.
    On 07/15/02
    Elsa from IL said:
    There is no way that a state constitution can permit something if the national one doesn't. Which I guess is understandable, there would be a lot of problems if that wasn't a law. But, anyway, I think that since you turn into an adult at the age of 18, why can't you make your own legal decision to drink? After all, you are aloud to fight and vote for your country, as well as do anything else, but drinking is not permitted. I feel as though you should be able to drink at 18 if you are considered a legal adult.
    On 12/20/01
    Devin from WI said:
    What I agree with the most, is not getting into a car while drunk. However, who is to say who is 'old enough' to drink? I mean come on... I know some pretty stupid 21 year olds that wouldn't think twice before getting into a car after drinking a case of beer, and kill a little kid riding his/her bike accross the street. I also know some pretty stupid 16 year olds who would do that same. What I am getting at is that the government controls a lot of aspects as to how we are raised in America. I think there needs to be more seperation of *HOME* and state. Values need to be taught at home.
    26 thru 30 of 35 comments    ...6 ]  7    

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