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    Speak Up! - View Question #513

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    Question: Why does selling marijuana gets you into trouble with the police?


    Selling Marijuana, and even possessing it, gets you into trouble with the police because the law in the United States and in Arizona prohibits (does not allow) Marijuana to be sold or possessed, (except in very rare cases in some states like Arizona where Marijuana is prescribed by a doctor for very limited medicinal purposes when someone is very ill).

    Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony.

    Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (A.R.S. § 13-3405). There's also a good chance that you'll also lose your driving privileges in addition to having to pay a minimum of $750 in fines.

    Penalities for using, possessing, selling, or transporting marijuana increase if you have more than two pounds.

    Police in our communities have the job of enforcing the law, so they must detain individuals who break the law by selling or possessing Marijuana.

    To learn more about the laws regarding Marijuana, visit the Illegal Substances Laws on this site. Or copy and past the key word "Marijuana" in the Search Questions box on this page.

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    On 04/30/04
    Alex from KY said:
    Marijuana shouldn't be illegal, it's really dumb! People are going to do it anyway so whats the point in it being illegal. Just make it legal and lots of people will stay out of jail. Everybody has done it or will do it, you dont have to admit to it, but probably even the police have done it!
    On 02/22/04
    Donald from AZ said:
    It will get you in trouble with the police because no one stops to know the real truth about marijuana they rather see it as dangerous and a harmfull drug
    On 02/20/04
    Pawn from MD said:
    I agree whole-heartily Delta. The effects of marijuana are seldom dangerous or harmful, and your comparrison to ciggarettes is a very good point. Marijuana causes a fraction of the deaths and car accidents that alcohol does. I'm not suggesting get stoned and drive around, but I'd rather be in the car with a stoner than an alcoholic in the driver seat. As for legalization, well if the U.S government legalized marijuana the only difference it would make would mean cheaper and safer marijuana due to mass production and competeting businesses. -Pawn-
    On 11/05/03
    Delta from NC said:
    It's illegal because the government is too stupid to realize that if it were LEGAL "Drug Dealers" would vanish, and be replaced by Walgreens and K-Mart. Until Marijuana is legalized, all the profits from the black market sale of it will go to warlords in overseas lands. Also, marijuana's illegal status has nothing to do with health risks. Tobacco kills hundreds of thousands of people every year (same for alchohol) yet they stay legal, and ruin many lives. Form your own opinion on this matter, and don't accept a bunch of Communist brainwashing propaganda like that seen above. Thank
    On 10/16/02
    anonymusq from AZ said:
    isn't it obvious? it gets you into trouble with the police because it is illegal!!!
    6 thru 10 of 11 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3    

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