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    Speak Up! - View Question #519

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    Question: What is the punishment for selling controlled substances (Tylenol 3) at school?

    Answer: Arizona law is tough on crime in drug free school zones. A person who is convicted of selling prescription only drugs in a school zone has violated Arizona law (ARS §13-3411(A)(1)). This is a class 6 felony.

    Because the activity took place in a school zone, the law increases the punishment for the crime by adding 1 year to the sentence a Judge imposes. A prison term is also mandatory (which means NO PROBATION). A mandatory fine is also imposed which is, at a minimum, $2,000 plus a court surcharge of 77%.

    So, upon conviction of this crime, the Judge could impose a prison sentence for an individual to:

    -a minimum of 1.5 years,

    -a presumptive of 2 years, or

    -a maximum of 3 years.

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    On 11/10/03
    Bob from NC said:
    Is it considered a crime in North Carolina for a 16 year old to let another 16 year old take their dose of ritalin? It was not sold nor given to the person. The person took it and put it in their pocket. The intended student saw that the other student took it but did not speak up.
    On 05/29/03
    Brian from CA said:
    Prescription drugs are very strong and just as dangerous as illicit drugs in some cases.
    On 03/04/03
    mary from NY said:
    people who sell drugs should be punished for what they do
    On 02/20/03
    Katie from OR said:
    What kind of charges is someone caught selling marijuana in oregon going to face?
    On 03/07/02
    Krissy from OR said:
    Do you know how many kids sell their prescription drugs? If you arrest one, it will only open up more business for others... Sold prescriptions include lots of things... How could you stop the selling of prescription drugs, when the profit is so great? There are so many other drugs that you should try to stop... not just pathetic prescriptions.
    6 thru 10 of 10 comments     1  [ 2 ]   

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