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    Speak Up! - View Question #540

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    Question: Is smoking weed (marijuana) legal in some States?

    Answer: No. Every State, from Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky to Vermont, including Arizona and every State in between, has enacted various criminal penalties for the possession, use, cultivation, transportation and distribution, of marijuana, including even the smallest of quantities.

    Arizona punishes possession of amounts less than two pounds as a class six felony with fines between $750 and $150,000 and jail or prison time from six months to a year and a half.

    A few States have decriminalized marijuana use and possession in small amounts (N. Carolina and California for example) but even there, its still illegal.

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    On 03/23/09
    Mike from VA said:
    It is amazing how many people are out there talking about this. How come no one can do anything about it. Good news is, the federal govt. backed off of the med. pot patients this February! Now it is up to the states to make up their own laws. If you don't get involved locally, it won't happen. I love my weed like rednecks love their cigs and beer. It's the whole illegal term that makes it such a "bad" thing. The govt. made a bad decision when they outlawed it so "mexicans" couldn't make any money. Which we stole from them, forced them all away, and now the natives are called mexicans. Yep
    On 03/10/09
    b from MN said:

    y dont u just legalize it if u can sell it in a hospital

    On 03/04/09
    C from MO said:
    weed should be legal.it would help us with this whole econmic breakdown were having and I think its safer than beer and liquer..they should treat it the same dont drink and drive dont smoke and drive you ...think about it ...lets worry about harmful drugs like anything besides weed bud the greenery
    On 01/16/09
    Scott from CA said:
    Whoever wrote this page doesn't know their facts. Pot is legal in some states for medical purposes. It is just not legal by the federal government who can over rule the state's decision. So, it's a gray area really for weed.
    On 12/04/08
    cristi from PA said:
    i as well think weed should be legal....makes no sence to me why its not dont give that run around that they dont know how to tax it...the gov sure knows how to tax everything else....its natural its a gosh darn plant...how often do you here somone got killed in a car accident bc of it...not often...there would be more jail space for the real CRIMINALS
    6 thru 10 of 568 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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