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    Speak Up! - View Question #542

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    Question: What are possible penalties for an adult for purchasing alcohol for a minor?

    Answer: You could be charged with something along the lines of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Although only a misdemeanor, you face could still pay a $2,500 and face jail time. If its your first offense, you're likely to be placed on a probation period with a small fine.

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    On 06/09/08
    kelsey from ID said:

    i think that is it wrong for underage people to drink but if their parents are willing to let them experience alcohol for the first time inside there home while they are supervising i dont see any harm in that. I'm very against people pressing charges on parents that do that. its their child and they know how to raise them more then anyone on the planet even cops you guys may think its a crime but to alot of people its preparing your children for reality.

    On 09/12/07
    damion from IN said:
    drunk drivers kill many in the states every year. alcohol doesn't discrimate. for every 1/8 car crashes that kills where marajuana is present, it is the systems of the passengers not the driver. NO deaths have been linked to any form of "pot", so how is it legal to keep a manufactured inoxicating beverage legal, while a plant sends you to jail???
    On 04/09/06
    Karen from TX said:
    If a adult provides alcohol to a minor, charges have been filed against the adult. Who is responsible for a car being totalled after the alcohol was given to the minor?
    On 05/27/04
    Diane from FL said:
    Hello, I am hoping to find some help before more children and young adults are killed. My main concern of course is my own son. I know for a fact that there is a store that continually sells alchol and cigarettes to minors on a regular basis. I hope that I have pounded and preached enough to my son but he runs with a crowd and you just never know peer pressure. I am so concerned as are others in the area. Does any one know where we could or should report this. I do not want to sound paronoid but we are very conderned.
    On 05/09/04
    concern kare from WA said:
    Do you know how many car accidents are cause by young people becaue of drunk driving? do you know how many deaths occur because of drunk drving? DO you know how many kids die from Intoxication? Did you know if a young person starts drinking younger they are more prone to become alcholics. Do you know the effects alcohol has on your body, especially in one that is just developing? Before you go and start saying things find out information first.
    1 thru 5 of 13 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3    

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