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    Speak Up! - View Question #549

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    Question: What are the penalties for producing Psilocybin mushrooms?

    Answer: Psilocybin in considered a dangerous drug according to Arizona Law (ARS 13-3401 6. (a) (xxv)) and its possession, use, sale, manufacture or transportation is a class 3 felony (ARS 13-3407 B. 6). A class 3 felony may be punished by up to 5 years in prison and up to $150,000.00 in fines (plus surcharges).

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    On 12/27/03
    weird from AZ said:
    first-don't get me wrong, i feel for your loss but, i find it very hard to belive that mary-jane has anything to do with your friend stealing and crashing a care
    On 11/19/03
    Jimmy from AL said:
    Lisa, consider that the number of deaths on the road by people who are high is miniscule compared to the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers. Alcohol is a legal drug. Many people do illegal things on this drug. More people die in one year from alcohol or alcohol-related deaths (like being hit by drunk drivers) than the entire last 20 years for marijuana or marijuana related deaths. If you overdose on alcohol you're hospitalized or dead. If you overdose on pot you pass out and wake up well rested and snackish.
    On 11/18/03
    concerned from DC said:
    People who feel the need to put something (like shrooms, marijauana) in their system to feel good or have a life altering experience, or a revelation really need to see whether they have an underlying mood disorder and are unhappy with their current situation. For you to say don't knock it till you try it is plain ignorant. Yes do your research but not on the net, there are sites out there that support the use of any drug with reasoning that is not logical. Get your facts straight.
    On 11/12/03
    Xpander from CA said:
    Mushrooms are indeed a very powerful and life-changing tool. If used properly, and RESPONSIBLY, you can truley find answers to many questions that you may have always been pondering. The first experience I ever had with Psilocybin was one of my most profoud and prolific experiences I ave ever had in my life. It really opened up my eyes to things in the world, and I seemed to understand everything in a more braoder sense. I think that this wonderful Psychedelic should be allowed use and also as healing and curing for certain things. As for the incident described as above, there ARE peop
    On 11/12/03
    Bollocks from Othe said:
    Look, it's quite obvious what all you free-willed people should do. Move to England, or Europe. Our law enforcement agencies don't camp in our back yards!
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