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    Speak Up! - View Question #471

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    Question: What's the maximum size of a knife that you can carry to school?

    Answer: All public schools have rules that prohibit students from possessing weapons at school. A knife is considered to be a weapon, but some schools have created an exception for a folding knife with a blade length of two and one-half inches or less. Other schools prohibit knives of any length.

    The disciplinary consequences of violating a school's weapon policy can be very severe, including mandatory expulsion from school. Therefore, a student who routinely carries a pocket knife should check the student handbook or the district policy on weapons before bringing a knife to school.

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    On 05/29/07
    Tom from NY said:
    I personaly think the knife laws should be the same as the gun laws. Let everyone carry one. If someone wants to use a knife or gun to hurt someone, they will get one and do so. By taking away the knife and gun from everyone else you only take away the ability for anyone else to stop the person causing harm. If someone at my school came in with a knife and tried to shoot someone, noone could do anything but hope they dont die. However if someone else had a weapon, they could aid others and stop the crime.
    On 05/16/07
    cwby8f from WI said:
    i recently got my knife taken away. I think knives especially of the pocket knife sort should be considered a tool like a scissor, butter knife, or plastic bag. All of these things can be used to harm somebody but are allowed in schools. The guy who wants to use a knife the wrong way is more likely to do so if he thinks he is the only one to have one but if he thinks the guy next to him has knife he will be less likely to use it. I personally was caught at school using my knife to slice an apple. I used it the same as a fork or spoon. It is a utensil not a weapon.
    On 07/23/06
    Morgan from AL said:
    You can't bring any sized knife to school!!! IT'S A WEAPON!
    On 04/28/06
    anonymous from PA said:
    You're not even supposed to bring a weapon to school!!!!!!
    On 04/09/06
    Jamale from MI said:
    I dont think males should carry any knives in school females are raped almost every week in detroit im no female myself but i think they need the extra protection. if some guy knew or thought a teenage girl was carring a knife the guy might think twice before raping a girl but if they in any way branish or use the knife aginst another student the girl should then face expaulsion or charged with use of a deadly weapon but before i hear the negitive comments from everybody let me say this. the shcool sould issue a permit for the kife and examin the kife and the students who wishes to carry
    16 thru 20 of 55 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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