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    Speak Up! - View Question #498

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    Question: Do you know what states have a drinking age that is under 21? I'm doing a research paper on alcohol and youths.

    Answer: There are no states that allow drinking under the age of 21. This is a federal law and not an individual state law.

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    On 04/11/04
    Dan from SD said:
    Hey Matt, you make good points but you overlooked something; In 1986, after the federal government imposed its extortion (21 or no highway) the state of South Dakota fought Elizabeth Dole(the person behind the initiative) in the supreme court, on grounds of extortion and the taking of state's rights. Unfortunately, America's most easily corrupted court upheld that the federal government has the right to impose the regulation and that the state should have plenty of money to keep the highway going on their own money, if they wish to change the law.
    On 03/17/04
    Eo from ME said:
    it doesn't matter if you are 18 or 21 your liver still processes it the same. The law isn't for health reasons concerning the fact that underaged livers can't handle the liquor like a grown up 21 year old liver. It is a law for many reasons (some logical, some not) but not because of a the age of a liver. Sheesh don't they teach anything in school these days?
    On 03/02/04
    Jessica from MO said:
    Being a fan of drinking i totaly agree with every statement stated within your reason. Rebelion is one of the most ways we can express our self by not as so much having to leave the house to rebel and consume undesirable consquences, so in other words WE'RE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAYZ MAIEN.
    On 03/01/04
    Sharron from VA said:
    You said military service is a choice - it isn't. PERIOD, you yourself registered for selective service...and look back into your history - WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. Of course just because some young Men AND women choose to go to war and protect what rights we do have should be considered. Something to consider. The highway dollars were NOT the only "negoation tool" the feds used but the most effective. Don't give up, keep fighting for equality
    On 02/28/04
    Beth from WY said:
    I tink that drinking is very bad for you it can cause very bad health probablems buteflsdfl
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