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    Speak Up! - View Question #510

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    Question: What is the punishment for giving a fellow minor alcoholic beverages?

    Answer: The most likely outcome is that each minor would be charged with minor in possession. Minor in Possession of Alcohol is a class one misdemeanor.

    If convicted of a class one misdemeanor, both minors would face being placed on standard probation, supervised by the juvenile probation department. The juvenile could be required by the court to attend educational classes, drug testing, and even detention in the juvenile detention center.

    If the only evidence that a juvenile was in possession is the testimony of another co-defendant juvenile, charges probably wouldn't be filed. The county attorney usually requires the independent testimony of a police officer who observed the juveniles, while each juvenile was in possession of the alcohol.

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    On 09/03/03
    Sean K from CA said:
    i was caught with a pack of beer in my hands just outside 7 11. i was asked for my ID and the officers gave me a ticket, i also escaped without going for court, i wasn't drunk at that time but soon after that i drank the beers under a tree. it was a very good beer.
    On 08/19/03
    alex from AR said:
    i was in the same situation. Me and a buddy were both out of the vehicle in a parking lot. I had a beer in my hand when the cop rolled up and set it down next to the tire. The cop still saw it and asked if we had been drinking. The driver said no, and passed the soberity test and i said i had a few and failed. He then checked the vechicle and found 30+ beer. He gave us both minor in posessions, which is a $355 ticket where i am from, but we just paid it off and didnt have to go to court.
    On 06/08/03
    Tom from CT said:
    I was In a parking lot with 3 of my friends. I was out side of my car and my freind was in my car(Driver). My two other friends were in their car. I had 3 beers in my car. The copped pulled in to the parking lot while i was still out of the car. He asked for our licenses and my registration. I hid the beers under the car. When he came back, he asked where the beers were, and i responded there were none. he handcuffed me and i told him they were under the car. He gave me a ticket for possession of alcohol by a minor. what am i facing? Does it make a difference that i was outside the car and on
    On 05/25/03
    Tyler from CA said:
    I ran right into a dui checkpoint on memorial day weekend, I had a 12 pack in the back seat. They saw it and pulled me aside, i passed all the physical test, and i did the breathalizer and i was @ 0.09, they didnt tow my car, they let me have it back that night..On the ticket it says the only violation was under 21 transporting alcohol..what does this mean that I have a DUI or what ...im so lost.
    On 04/06/03
    Daniel from VA said:
    I was arrested for the posession of alcohol and summoned for court . The arresting officer told me that I would not be able to get my license for 6 to 12 months because of this. my case is more serious because paramedics came and took two people to the hospital but they're were released already. What Can happen to me?
    6 thru 10 of 17 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4    

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