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    Speak Up! - View Question #510

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    Question: What is the punishment for giving a fellow minor alcoholic beverages?

    Answer: The most likely outcome is that each minor would be charged with minor in possession. Minor in Possession of Alcohol is a class one misdemeanor.

    If convicted of a class one misdemeanor, both minors would face being placed on standard probation, supervised by the juvenile probation department. The juvenile could be required by the court to attend educational classes, drug testing, and even detention in the juvenile detention center.

    If the only evidence that a juvenile was in possession is the testimony of another co-defendant juvenile, charges probably wouldn't be filed. The county attorney usually requires the independent testimony of a police officer who observed the juveniles, while each juvenile was in possession of the alcohol.

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    On 03/17/03
    Joe from GA said:
    I got caught last thursday drinking underage. Just because you dont drink doesn't mean you have to hate on every one else.
    On 02/20/03
    Disagreear from NE said:
    I think that you should take one of those tests because if they just smell it that doesn't mean anyhting. You could of been at home and you had a sip of wine. So I think that it makes a big difference if you do take a test and it is the only fair way to go!
    On 02/03/03
    Jimmy from MI said:
    It really doesn't matter if they have a breathalyzer or not a cop has quite a lot of discretion as to what intoxicated is (i.e., smell, appearance, etc...). It is harder to prove without a Breathalyzer but most of the time you'll still get screwed over. If they offer a Breathalyzer always take it, or you'll get a $100 refusal ticket + an MIP charge. At least that is how it is in Michigan.
    On 12/17/02
    Brian from AZ said:
    Yo i got court tomorrow with Minor Consumption but look there is no proof of it cuz no breathalizer was taken or any kind of test so wheres the evidence of it? So im saying Not guilty cuz they can have fun gettin evidence and my court date is 12/18/02 ... Peace wish me luck!
    On 04/13/02
    Ree from GA said:
    I'm doing a persuasion speech in my speech class about how the legal drinking age. I feel that if you can do all the other stuff like buy ciggs, vote, die for the U.S., get into clubs where there is alcohol, and sign legal contracts, then what is difference with drinking? Everyone thinks that teenagers are the main cause of all accidnents and that we are stupid. Adults make just as many mistakes as us. We aren't as ignorant as many of people think,so stop treating us like we have no brains.....
    11 thru 15 of 17 comments     1   2  [ 3 ]  4    

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