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    Speak Up! - View Question #517

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    Question: How much is the fine for a 16 year old in possession of tobacco (not on school grounds)?

    Answer: Arizona Law (ARS 8-341) states that the maximum fine for an incorrigible act (aside from reparations if there are damages associated with the incorrigible act) is $150. A judge can consider community service in addition to, or as an alternative to a fine for an incorrigible act.

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    On 01/17/06
    Andria from CT said:
    i smoke ciggs, and i smoke them in front of police, they dont do anything, but one cop said that if he caught me smokin around him again he would call my parents and give me a $250 fine!! i think its complete bull!! if i wanna smoke cigs its my own choice, i shouldnt have to get in trouble for what i do to myself
    On 10/19/05
    boston from CT said:
    i got caught with alotta grass almost 2 pounds i only got probatioon
    On 03/04/05
    Brittany from WA said:
    The fine should go, its their choice if they want to smoke, their only hurting themselves. i'm 14 and i smoke..... it hasn't killed me yet...
    On 11/15/04
    Danielle from AZ said:
    Creig i totally agree with you i think that if a student over 16 chooses to smoke it is his or her own desion weither or not that they should and getting punished for it is stupid
    On 01/16/04
    Creig from AZ said:
    I think that teenagers as young as 16 should be able to smoke and the schools should have a designated area for the student smokers, as long as it is off the school property and away from any children that can inhale the second-hand smoke. That is what I think and I hope you agree with it.
    6 thru 10 of 19 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4    

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