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    Speak Up! - View Question #553

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    Question: What is the maximum penalty for underage drinking?


    Arizona law (A.R.S. § 8-323) provides for the following penalties for a minor who purchases, possesses, or consumes, spirituous liquor:


    1. Probation.

    2. A juvenile court hearing.

    3. Driving privileges suspended for 180 days.

    4. Attendance at a counseling or education program.

    5. A fine of up to $500.00.

    6. Community service work.

    7. If truancy is involved, a whole host of programs with parents.

    8. With a prior record that indicates delinquency, a whole other host of headaches.

    9. A stern talking to by the judge. (Don't laugh, an angry judge is a very scary thing.)


    It appears that a judge can impose any combination of these things that she thinks is a good idea. Laws in other states are probably similar. The law about juveniles is never cut and dried.

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    On 05/28/06
    Bob from MI said:
    Here in Michigan the laws aren't nearly as harsh. I believe it's $100 citation fo the first offence, $300 citation for the second, and a %500 citation for every offence after that.
    On 05/15/06
    jared from NC said:
    i was camping and we had drinkin a quart of a mix between everclear smrin.. vodka and rum. the game warden busted us but sence i was all dryed up by the time we left the woods i only blew a .01 he said he saw me drink the bottle... am i going to lose mt licence?
    On 02/16/06
    Amanda from AZ said:
    I fell asleep while driving home last saturday night. My car's allignment is off and it veers to the left. I crashed into a gas station price sign completely destroying it. I called the police myself and told them what happened. They came and asked me if I had been drinking. I said "no" even though I had but I knew I wasnt drunk so why would that matter? He took a breath alizer and I had .01 no big deal right? Wrong, It was the day before my 18th birthday. Automatic DUI! My court date is march 14th and i'm afraid my license will be suspended until i'm 21! Can anyone tell me what might happen?
    On 02/02/06
    Megan from AZ said:
    I was drinking and driving. I had a .08 . I am under age for drinking but leagally adult age. Should I obtain a lawyer or not
    On 01/29/06
    mitch from NC said:
    i got a underage drinking ticket over the summer and i was wondering if it will mess with me not getting my lisense when i turn 18? I waited to take drivers ed untill i am 18 so will i still be able to get my lisence?
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