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    Speak Up! - View Question #504

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    Question: When is marijuana possession a misdemeanor? What are the consequences?

    Answer: In Arizona, possession of less than two pounds of marijuana is a class 6 felony. The Office of the County Attorney may charge a class 6 felony as a misdemeanor at their discretion. See the Youth Laws Section - 'What kids are being arrested for?'

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    On 10/28/04
    Steven from GA said:
    I feel i must apologize for the post made by my fellow georgian. I smoke everyday and see nothing wrong with it, i also believe that the movie the passion of the christ is pornographic, anitsemitic, and contains no spiritual value.
    On 06/17/04
    Jon McCarty from AZ said:
    According to the law an individual can posses up to 15 pounds of marijuana before being considered anything higher than a class six felony
    On 06/16/04
    Mandy from WI said:
    I live in Siren WI, Where the police broke into my home without a warrant searched and destroyes my property. All they found was a pipe and a tiny bit of shake left over from rolling a "J". My husband smokes pot reguralry to keep his sanity. He was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident 2 years ago that left him with frontal lobe brain dammage, the part that controls your personality. The only thing he has found that controls his pain and his anger is POT.
    On 05/19/04
    Jay from CA said:
    I would just like to say that you should do a little research before you comment about medical marijuana. There was a law past granting doctors permission to prescribe patiants with medical merijuana. However, federal law still applays that marijuana still illegal. Any state law that interfears with federal law is basically overitten.
    On 04/18/04
    Jason from AZ said:
    yo man you are smart and are right that is why marijuana is not legal the government does not care if we hurt our selves smoking or drinking but since the gov cant get money from the drug they are not making it legal when they can make money from the drug they will make it legal so that they can make money from the drug thats all the gov wants money i like ur comment
    21 thru 25 of 151 comments     1   2   3   4  [ 5 ] ...   

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