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    Speak Up! - View Question #504

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    Question: When is marijuana possession a misdemeanor? What are the consequences?

    Answer: In Arizona, possession of less than two pounds of marijuana is a class 6 felony. The Office of the County Attorney may charge a class 6 felony as a misdemeanor at their discretion. See the Youth Laws Section - 'What kids are being arrested for?'

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    On 04/03/04
    Seer from AZ said:
    Ok, i dont intend to change anyones opinion.First, the people who seem to be the most against weed use are also, generally the most uninformed.I hear in their rambling, myth after myth; and far too many "well my friend..." arguments. Get the right info people. Look at EVERY drug site on the net and begin to make connections to find the truth.If you only listen to the garbage teachers and "officials" tell you, youll get more of their opinion and less acurate information. Think before you speak.And if thats too hard, do some research first.
    On 03/30/04
    Chelsea from VT said:
    if you are not a regular user than you would not understand how certain drugs help and affect certain people. For some people they may not help and only make things worse. God put those substances on the earth so maybe you should pay more attention to your religion. You may have seen people die and go downhill from drugs, but you have never been one of them so dont judge.
    On 03/29/04
    Milin from TX said:
    Reason that alchohol is legal and pot/marijuana isn't is that the companies producing alchohol contribute a lot to the government in tax money and otherwise. It has been scientifically studied that alchohol is much more harmful over long term usage than regular pure marijuana (non-laced with other drugs). If pot were legalized it would allow for less harmful smokeable material and the government could regulate and tax it. The tax money could then be put back into all the drug education against marijuana use. This is better than you or I paying for it! Why wont this happen>bc it makes sense
    On 03/21/04
    bryan from AZ said:
    the reason the government wont legalize the plant is to keep the public in submission. the more power the government has over its people the easier it is to control them. but eventually the laws will change, like in california, where medicinal marijuana is very common. its just gunna take time.
    On 03/18/04
    robert from TX said:
    I agree fully being a frequent experimenter with it.I know there are no bad side effects in any way.The law states we are not to possess it or be under the influence .Still millions continue to use in no thought of the consequence of the following events of it.Tests and experiments show 99.9percent of all cigarette and alcohol users are taking years away from the life they live .But there are no proven are accounted events proving marijuana is harmful.Brain cells may be diminished but let the users make their own decisions and live with the aftermath effects.
    26 thru 30 of 151 comments    ...6 ]  7   8   9   10  ...   

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