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    Speak Up! - View Question #515

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    Question: If a minor is caught with alcohol and the police officer writes down their name but does not take them to the police station, will this go on their record?

    Answer: The police officer has several choices in this case. Sometimes a warning is given and nothing else is done. Sometimes the name is put on a 'field card' which is used to keep track of people who frequently cause problems. The officer might also choose to write a report about the incident and then give the report to juvenile court. If through juvenile court some type of consequences are given for the offense, the record will show the consequences and will also show the person's level of cooperation.

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    On 02/23/04
    nate from AZ said:
    cont. we were told to join in the festivities of pour out 24 40 oz bottles of beer in a snow bank then we got back in vehicle driver got a ticket for doing 10 over do you think i or other passengers should be expecting a MIP in the mail anytime... officer did say since were were honest he was happy about it and was giving us as big of a break with the beer as he could. so whats going to happen anyideas
    On 02/21/04
    Jon from CA said:
    I was waliking with my friend who had a an open beer in his shirt and two closed beers in his pockets. A cop rolled up on us and issued my friend a ticket who had the beer. By the end of the night I found out that my friend that got that M.I.P. had alerady been issued a M.I.P. about one year ago but has gone to class to get it off his record. I am very concerned with what exactly will happen to him, and I would like to know what are all the offences he might be facing: Revoking his License? Community Service? Amount of Money? ect. Please write back with all possible answers.
    On 02/21/04
    Adam from CA said:
    While a Police officer issued me a ticket while I was cooperating the entire time suddenly says to threaten me, "How will you like me to point my gun in my face." When he said this I felt obligated to answer and comply with what he said when he said. I am wondering how I should deal with this?
    On 02/14/04
    Ryan from CA said:
    Ok so the other night i was driving and was pulled over with beer in the car. I got a ticket for MIP, i was the driver but wasnt drinking. Could anyone tell me what they think the fine will be and if i will get my liscence suspended?
    On 02/10/04
    Ana from NC said:
    Just got a consumption of alcohol citation, and have a very high GPA, high sats, need a scholarship what shall I do
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