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Latest Questions
  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Speak Up! - Browse Questions about Driving

    Driving is a responsibility that Arizona youth 15 years and 7 months old and older can have. However, to be a legal driver in Arizona one must obtain a Driver's License, regardless of age.

    The first step to becoming legally licensed driver in Arizona is to obtain an instructional (or learner's) permit. At 16 years of age you can apply for a Class G Graduated Drivers License. You must also have at least 5 months of driving with an instructional permit and a certain amount of qualified driving experience to get a Class G driver's license. At age 18, you can apply for a Class C driver's license.

    Read more on the Arizona Department of Transportation's website about Arizona's Driver's License laws and new laws that went into effect just this year for young drivers.

    If you have a driving-related question that does not appear on this page and is not answered on the Arizona Department of Transportation Web Site, go to the LawForKids.org SPEAK UP Q & A question page.

    Arizona Motor Vehicle Department to find out about Arizona driving laws

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      Is it true that you cant get your drivers license until your 18 if you were born during or after the year of 1994? I was born June 4, 1994 will i be able to get my license when i`m 16 if i`ve met all other requirements?


    Can a police officer pull you over because you look too young to drive?

      I was apparently pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign, which i did stop for and I saw the police car a quarter mile down the empty street and was pulled over for failure to stop at a stop sign but then interrogated for an hour by the officer and three other cars. I was subjected to sobriety tests and questioning as well as allowing the police to search my car. I do not drink or do drugs and was cited for the stop sign.. I took it without protest but are there any ways that I am able to get a copy of the police camera video from his cruiser? I felt harassed and improperly cited
      Is it illegal to drive with your dog on your lap?
      Can you drive without any shoes on?
      Are Helmets required for jet skis?? Or will they be soon?
      Can you report a person driving with children that are not seat belted in?
      can officer impound vehicle when licesene was suppended for just not paying traffic ticket?

    what is the age limit for a off road driving lisence.

      How old to drive a car with out a parent.
      I got my permit on December first when can I get my lisence
      I was drinking during the day the other day and my friend, who was a sober driver, got pulled over. The cop asked for IDs but I didn't have mine because I was at a pool party all day. He gave me a Minor in Consumption ticket because he smelled alcohol on me and I told him I was not 21. What is the typical fine for a minor in consumption in Arizona and are there diversion programs you can take?
      If a cop pulls me over for speeding, what are my rights? Can I ask for a print out of the radar gun? What else am I entitled to in this situation?
      Do you think it is dangerous for kids to drive at 15,16,and 17 years old?
      If you don’t get your license until you turn 18, do you still have to have your permit for 5 months?

    A police officer asked to search my car after he checked my ID. I was leaving a skate park lot and was approached by him while I was in the vehicle. I gave permission as I had nothing to hide. What are my rights and should a parent be called?


    Is there a motorized skateboard law in Scottsdale?
    What are the driving laws for a motorized skateboard in Scottsdale, Arizona?

      Where can I find some information about voting?
      Can a parent block someone from getting a drivers license?
      Can you be pulled over for not using a turn signal?
      Can I still get a license in Arizona even if I'm not a resident there?
      What does it mean, "possession is 9/10 of the law"?

    If you are driving and get pulled over for speeding can the officer pull you and your friends out of the car to question you?

      If i only have my permit can i drive when my parents have been drinking?

    Is it true that any speed limit over 80 mph is a felony in Arizona?

      How old do you have to be to drive a pocket bike in mesa or gilbert?
      What are the consequences, if someone stole a stop sign, and a driver got killed because of that?
      Are black taillight covers illegal in Arizona?
      Is it possible since I haven't got my license yet when I go in to take the test to I have to get my permit first. or can I just get my license. Because I am 19.
      Is it possible for a minor to buy a car?
      What are the requirements to ride a 49cc motorcycle on the street in Tucson, AZ for both the rider and the motorcycle? i.e. insurance, license plate, brake light, mirrors, etc.
      I have searched the Arizona DMV site and haven't found if it is required to give fingerprints to the DMV to obtain a drivers license. So is it mandatory that you give your fingerprints to recieve a drivers license?
      If I have a driving permit, how old does the other licensed driver in the car have to be?
      How exactly does the intoxication test of following the pen work?
      Can minors get pulled over solely for having super tinted windows? What is the legal limit for tinted windows?
      How many points does it take for a teen to have their drivers license taken away and how many violations does it take before losing their license?
      What is the new seat belt law for 17 year olds (Michigan)?
      My friend and I borrowed our parents car and we were caught in another state. What could happen? I have no license or insurance.
      Is racial profiling a legal way for a cop to stop a person on the road?
      Can someone with a driver’s permit operate a motor vehicle if another person with a driver’s permit rides in the front seat?
      What is the penalty for driving on a sidewalk?

    Are motorized skateboards illegal or is anything being done to make them illegal?


    What is the new drivers license law?

      How long do you have to take drivers training?
      Are clear taillights illegal in Arizona?
      When can I get my driver’s permit in Indiana?
      Is there anyway you can get a drivers license if your not a legal citizen but your father is and you have living in America for 15 years?
      Did Arizona pass a law where you can't drive until you are 18?
      Is it legal to buy a car, register it and insure it if I'm under 18 years old?
      If my vehicle is towed by the police can the tow company hold onto my personal property inside the vehicle before I pay the tow bill.
      i have had my permit for a few months now, and i never drive without one of my parents. is it ok for my to drive my younger sisters as long as a licensed driver is still in the front seat?

    Can my parent go in to the DMV and get a duplicate license for me without me being there. They would take in my birth certificate and their id.

      If you go to driving school do you still have to wait the five months? My school offers a road test waiver and a certificate of completion. Do I still have to wait?
      Do I have to go to driving school to get my permit in the state of Arizona? (I'm moving from New Jersey to there in June)
      what is the punishment for driving without a licence or permitt?
      I'll be 16 on October 20th. I got my permit on May 23...Do I have to wait until October 23 to get my Driver's License, or can I get it on my birthday
      What if you are driving a car and a police officer pulls you over. He thinks that you have been smoking marijuana and requests to search my car. Does he have the right? Can I refuse him from searching my car? How far can a Police Officer use "probable cause" as an excuse to search/test/arrest me?
      Where can I get my driver's permit?
      What is the punishment for a class 4 felony (car burglary)?
      Can you drive with no clothes on?
      Can you get a ticket for driving too slow?
      Does a police officer have the right to impound a car for thirty days if the driver that got pulled over is unlicensed and got pulled over for a traffice violation?
      How old do you have to be to drive a car and how old do you have to be to register the car.

    What is the consequence for a DUI?

      If I drive my mom's car without her knowing and get caught what would happen?
      If I have a permit, does the rider (licensed driver) have to be licensed or just over the age of 18?
      What is the punishment for reckless driving and six counts of public endangerment?
      If driving with a permit alone and are pulled over what are the possible concerns?
      What is the legal age that a child can be to be able to ride in a car with an adult seat belt on. Not a car seat?
      Can antibiotics or cough drops cause breathalyzer results to appear higher, and if so, how much higher?
      For a class A Motor Home do you have to have another license besides a regular class C?
      If a person goes too fast on a bicycle, can they be pulled over?
      What do I need to install on my new 2001 ATV to make it 'street legal'?
      How many years can you get for stealing a car?
      Have they passed a law that after you get your license you have to wait 6 months?
      Does my AZ driving permit allow me to drive (with a licensed driver) in other states?
      Can a cop search the passenger of a pulled over car?
      What is the harshest penalty you can receive for not paying a fine on a ticket?
      Do I need both parents signature if they are divorced to get my drivers permit?
      What will happen if you don't come to a complete stop at a stop sign?
      Is joyriding different from actually stealing a car?

    What exactly are the motorized skateboard laws for Phoenix, Arizona

      If a Police Officer runs out of citation passes at the time he/she convicts you of committing the offense, can he/she still give you a citation two days later?

    Can I operate a motorized skateboard at age 14?

      While I was waiting in a car, my friend broke into a car and did not steal anything. Can anything happen to me?
      Can a person riding in a car with someone getting charged with a DUI also be fined?
      How much over the legal speed limit is considered Reckless Driving?
      How many points does it take to get your license revoked?
      I'm under 18 and like to race my 340sx. If street race, what are the consequences?
      Is the mere possession of a fake ID (but not the use of one) a crime?
      What are the consequences for getting into a car accident with only a learners permit?
      I moved out of my house and have to buy a car. There is no one willing to put a car in their name...and I can't pay everything up front. How can I go about doing this legally?
      If you have had a warrant for 1 year (for a traffic ticket) will it come clean when you turn 17 years of age?
      What are the laws for being able to ride atvs in cities and forests.
      Is it against the law to ride in the bed of a truck?
      Can a cop follow you out of his district/ city to stop you?
      I have my permit but my parents won't let me drive because I'm not insurable. Do I need insurance and how do I get it?
      What happens if the date and time on your citation is wrong? Can you get out of the offense?
      Can police use their authority to get ahead in a line, or put their light on for a personal matter?
      If there is a huge sidewalk and a tiny bike lane is it illegal to ride on the sidewalk?
      If you are in a car and someone hits you and someone in your car dies are you in trouble?
      When is a DUI cleared from a driving record?
      What is a signal light and what are the penalties for not using a signal light?
      I heard that if you get a ticket from those vans that take a pictures of your license plate, photo radar vans, you don't have to pay it because the picture is not clear enough...is this true?
      Can a cop give you a breathalizer test if you are a passenger, if so what is the penalty for failing?
      I was in the backseat of a stolen car and was charged with joyriding. What might happen to me in court?
      While driving an intoxicated friend home in her car I was stopped for speeding and no proof of ins. I was cited for no proof of ins. Shouldn't the no proof of ins. be the owner's fault? She was in the car.
      What is the law/punishment for distributing fake id's? What if a person signs a waver for the id as novelty only?
      What happens when you are charged with an extreme D.U.I. when you are under 18?
      What is the penalty in Arizona for a minor not wearing a helmet?
      What is the fine for driving without insurance?
      What happens when a person gets caught driving and their license has already been suspended or revoked for something like a DUI?
      Does a police officer have the right to impound a car for thirty days if the driver that got pulled over is unlicensed and got pulled over for a traffic violation?
      Will a moving violation from another state show up on an Arizona driving record?
      What is the consequences of DUI if someone in the car in with you is killed?
      I read one of your other laws that said nitrous oxide is illegal for drug use but what if it is for your car.
      If I have attended traffic school for a car accident can I attend it again under 24 months for a first speeding ticket?
      How old must you be to obtain a motorcycle license?
      What is a moving violation?
      What could happen if I get pulled over and don't have my driver's license on hand?
      Can you get a ticket for driving too slow?
      Can a minor have a car title under their name?
      What is the punishment for leaving the scene of a car accident?
      Can a police officer search a car with probable cause including the trunk?
      I live in arziona i had a seziure this was the first time i had ever had one the docter in the emergency room said my licence was susspended for 3 months does the hospital alert the DMV or does the docter just trust the patient not to drive not that i plan on driving because it is extremely dangerous i was just curious as to how that works. Thanks
      I am 15 and 7 months and my father is saying that if he signs for me to get a permit, then automaticaly when I turn 16 he will have to pay for me on his insurance. Is this true that this is a standard procedure with the parent and minor? (The law) Saying that because he signed and is the parent, it is automic that the parent will start paying for the minor at the age of 16, whether or not the minor drives the parents vehicle, or drives any vehicle? How does this work, what are the rules on this matter?
      I got my driver's permit when i lived in kansas, and there, you can get a permit when you are 14. I moved to Arizona and I am still 14. Can i still drive legally in Arizona? Or do i have to wait?
      I know I'm not a kid, but my nephew is. This applies to him. He took his dad's truck (only means of transportation) with no lisence or permit, without dad's knowledge and totaled truck. No injuries. He hit a tree. What is likely to happen to him in court?

    what is the legal age for driving

      Can you fight a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign in a private parking lot?
      How old does the driver of a car have to be to have passengers that are under 16?
      I was cited for excessive speed. The posted speed was 75 and i was driving 90. What are the penalties and what will happen to my drivers license?

    What are the laws regarding motorized vehicles in Flagstaff Arizona?

      My boyfriend is going to buy my car from me but he hasn't transferred it into his name yet. He didn't pay for the insurance renewals and the insurance is now expired. I just received a letter from the dmv saying that the registration has been suspended. How much trouble can he get in if he is caught driving the vehicle. Can I get in trouble since the car is in my name?

    What is the penalty for making device that will change the traffic lights green (such as the police have) and interfering with traffic lights in Arizona?

      My brother commutes to work in the morning. He drops the kids off at day care on the way to work. Can he use the car pool lane? He believes that he can't because the kids are not in the front seat. They are both toddles under the age of five.
      In Arizona if a pedestrian is in the middle of a crosswalk and a green arrow appears at the end of the traffic signal (green, yellow, red), doesn't the left hand turn traffic (green arrow) have to yield to the pedestrian in the crosswalk? My husband and I were recently in this situation and the pedestrian was stuck in the middle of the crosswalk because the left turn arrow traffic would not let him finish clearing the crosswalk. My husband believed that he had the right away over the pedestrian because he had the left hand turn arrow. Thanks.
      If your 18 years old do you have to have a permit for a certain amount of months or can just get your licsence? Do you still have to take drivers ed and all that stuff?
      I recentely recieved a ticket for excessive speeding, going 85 in a 50. How will this ticket get sent to me, by mail, or certified mail? Will it be adressed to my parents, or me?

    I am 16 I have my drivers license but I wrecked my car so I dont have a vehicle anymore. Our family insurance agent says it is the law that I still pay for insurance because I am a licensed driver living in the household even though neither of my parents would ever let me drive their cars. My parents have been forced to add me to their policy even though I will not ever be allowed to drive any of their cars. Why should I have to pay for insurance if I can't drive any cars until I can afford one of my own? Is our agent telling the truth about this


    Are you alowed to ride a motorized skateboard in chandler arizona? i cant seem to find the answer. please help.


    I recently moved to Chandler, AZ from Minnesota, where I got my driver's permit. Can I just get my license? Or do I need to re-take the class and all that stuff?

      Can i practice driving with an adult, just around the neighborhood?
      Both of my parents are from Mexico and are not US citizens. I was born in Mexico and do not have a US birth certificate. I have lived here since I was two years old. Can I get a drivers license? What do I do? Will I be able to go to college in America? Can me and my family be deported if any authorities find out we are here?
      What is the law for arizona for buckling up, is it only the driver and front passenger?

    are black headlight covers illegal in arizona?


    is there any law for kids 17yrs old out driving after midnite even doh they have graduated high school??

      I was stopped for speeding - the officer claimed I was going 82 mph in a 50 zone. I know that I wasn't driving that fast and she refused to show me the radar saying that she is not required to lock in the speed. Now I have to go to court since it is a criminal traffic charge - reckless driving. What are the penalties and what can I do about disputing her claim?

    Who has the power to declare war?

      This question is in regards to my stepson. He decided he could make it on his own when he turned 17 last year (he will be 18 in 2 months) and left home to move into his girlfriend's mom's house. He has in the last month bought an old car, but doesn't have a driver's license or insurance for that matter. He was pulled over the other night and sited for no license, insurance and there was a federal warrant out for the plates on the car. Since he leaves whenever he is made to move home, is his father legally responsible for his actions or is he alone responisble?

    Is there a law prohibiting passengers when you have your permit?


    I took my moms car and drove with my friend. It was after curfue and we were just about to leave. I was out of the car and a cop asked me and i told him I have been driving without a permit or licence. We drove about a block and I cooperated with everything and he said he would put that in the report. I also apologized and he put that in as well. He said i was a good kid who made a bad choice but really what could happen? Could I be sued for endangerment by the other kids parents? any others?


    Are there any driving hour restrictions while driving with your permit with a licensed adult?


    how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

      What are the consequences for getting into an accident while joyriding? What about the same situation but with your uncle's car?

    Hi, I'm 17 years old and I usually carpool with 3 to 4 other friends, about my age, to and from Mock Trial meetings, I was wondering, with respect to new laws, if this is legal or not? I have a class G drivers liscence, I'm sure that means more to you than to me.


    how long is a class Dperimt good fro?


    is a carpool lane ticket considered a moving violation and go on your record as one?

      What is the difference between a DUI and a DWI?
      Do I have to take a breathalyzer test or can I refuse it until I talk to my parents?
      Is it legal to sell a car absent a title and if so what can happen?
      Is it legal for a High school officer to search your car without permission?
      What are the laws limiting the different color lights you can have on your tires or undercarriage of your car? Are under vehicle ground effect lights legal in Arizona?

    if i am 18, do i have to get my permit before i get my license in arizona?


    Are Radar Detectors Illegal in Mesa,AZ?

      Where do I go to get driver's permit manual?
      If you don’t get your license until you turn 18, do you still have to get your permit for 5 months?
      Are Helmets required for jet skis? Will they become a requirement in the future?
      Can you report a person driving with children that are not seat belted in?

    if my nephew with only a learners permit is driving his intoxicated father and gets stopped....the parent is being responsible by not driving, however what kind of trouble can he get in?


    What is the law for impounding cars?

      Do I have a right to get a driver's license?
      What changes regarding transportation laws when I become 18?
      Do I have to get my own car insurance too?
      What about road rage?
      Can you get pulled over for looking tired?

    What are the motorized skateboard laws for chino valley, prescott area?

      I recently got in an accident where I hit a car from behind and caused minor damage. No police report or insurance information was exchanged. A week later he said it was going to be $1,000 and he took pictures of my car and tried to file a police report. Was it legal for him to take pictures and file police report a week after the accident?

    Can I legally ride a pocket bike in phoenix?


    what is a natural born citizen

      I know that drag racing puts 8 points on my license, but I can't find how long it stays there? How long until my record goes back to having 0 points on it?

      Is it illegal to take off the catalytic converter on a car?
      What would a minor get for fleeing the scene of an accident?
      When can I start driving?
      What are the laws regarding driving ATVs?
      Who gets in trouble for Joyriding, the driver or the car owner?
      Can you get in trouble for being in a car if the driver is drunk but you aren't?
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