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  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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      At what age is the bill of rights and the constitution in effect?

    do i have to be 18 to cross the border?

      Is it true that in Arizona you must be eighteen to purchase or posses tobacco but only 16 to smoke it?
      Is Mooning someone Illegal?
      Can a cop follow you out of his district/city to stop you?

    Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?


    What is the cut-off age for president of the U S?

      How many terms can a president serve in a row?
      how is the president's cabinet chosen?
      I was wondering if cockfights are illegal in arizona. And can you own gamecocks

    My mom is moving to Florida with her new boyfriend and she is taking us with her. I want to live with my dad, my dad has been there my whole life and he has been more of a parent than my mom has ever or will ever be. I want to stay with my dad because I know I won’t be able to depend on my mom, there is only one problem, legally he is not my dad or step dad. But he is my brother’s biological dad. If he was to take my mom to court, is there any way he could get custody of me or if I could live with him and not my mom?


    What is the diffenition of causus


    what is a juvenile?

      When I lived in Indiana, I was convicted as a 12 year old of a D felony for writing a bomb threat in the bathroom at my school. I am now 14 and live in Arizona. How and when can I get this expunged from my record? Can I do it before I'm 18?

    when were women granted to vote

      how much trouble can you get in if you are throwing food at moving cars
      What are two houses of congress?

    what are the requirements to become a Supreme Court Justice


    how can I get a birth certificate as a minor?

      How long is a Senate's term?
      Can a mental hospital use restrains on your child?
      How many laws does the state of AZ have, total of all A.R.S.
      i was wondering if i needed a licence to sell food items like candy icecream soda pickels lemons salalitos and stuff like that

    is there a requirement that involves education practice or training to be part of the us congress? If so what is it?

      Which organization is responsible for confirming the President's choice of a federal judge?
      Prior to President Clinton, who was that last president to develop a balanced budget?
      When a petition is filed before the Supreme Court on a pending case, what is the petition called?
      The last two new Cabinet postions and new Departments were created under whom?
      Can I be forced to have medical treatment/exams required by law if I am only 11 years old?
      Do I have the right to disable parental spyware from my computer? Also, can I disable filtering or censorship programs?
      What are the requirements to become President?
      What is a civil action?
      Why do we have laws?
      I just want to know what type of education is needed to pursue a career as a family lawyer?
      What is the purpose of the Supreme Court?
      If the President and the Vice President die, then who becomes the President?
      What is treason?
      What are the current laws for voting?
      Could you tell me where to find the rights of renters. I feel that the landlord is harassing my mom. What are her rights?
      I want to start a business, what is the law on placing signs on street corners and telephone poles?
      A dog you own turns on you and bites you. You kill the dog; is that cruelty to animals?
      At what age can a person legally apply for a name change?
      If I right a song, can I get it copyrighted, or do mom/dad have to do it for me? If they don't want me to have a copyrighted song, how can I copyright it? Also, does it matter if it's copyrighted or not?
      How are the leaders of a Democracy chosen?

    How old do you have to be to purchase alcohol in Canada?

      What is the Federal government?

    Is the legal smoking age different than the legal ate to buy cigarettes?

      I want to obtain a fishing licence.What must I do?

    what is an entertainment lwayer, and what do they do?

      What are the consequences for being found guilty of counterfeiting?
      If you are in a gang what happens if you tell a police officer?
      If an officer changes lanes and gets in front of you and makes you stop the car because he was too close what can I do?
      Is it possible to move in with my sister-in-law without any paperwork as long as my dad knows where i am at?

    My parents are divorced. My sister and I live with my dad and we see my mom every other week. My mom lives with an felon ex-convict with a semi-violent past, it is legal for him to be in the house when we visit? We are afraid to be around him. He only got out of prison in May and moved in with mom in July.


    how many languages do you need to be a bilingal lawyer?

      My Mom yells and screams all the time, gets mad at me, pulls my hair and slaps me in the face. I do talk back to her now and am starting to hang around with the wrong crowd. I want to do the complete opposite of what she wants me to do just to get back at her. When does child discipline become abuse.
      My boyfriend stole $7.00 from a boy's locker in his P.E. class. The boy went to the principal and they searched the whole class, and then found out that it was my boyfriend. He has a record and has been arrested for stealing before. Can they arrest him?If so for how long?
      Is there a law that prohibits minors from R-rated movies?
      Is it true whenever a law is challenged in court, the court assumes it is unconstitutional?
      If your parent has been abusing you what is their sentence time? Or does it depend on the how badly the child is being abused?
      I'm 17 i turn 18 in november but my whole life ive been working for my grandmother cleaning houses and my mom takes all my money and now i havea job at rubios fresh mexican grill she still takes my money. she is an ex meth addict and VERY aggressive and violent all i do is clean the house and she yells at us and hits us and calls me and my 11 y/o brother names like stupid, usless and the list goes on, ive talked to people such a a councilor ect. but they all say theres nothing i can do about it , it that true if not what are my rights? please help me, im depserate.

    How can the State of Arizona Superior Court Juvenile Division send you a notice to appear advisory hearing for shoplifting when the retailer elected not to press charges or seek prosecution? Is this legal?

      Why is it important to have fair and impartial courts?
      I am a Junior in High School and interested in studying Family Law (Mainly a Divorce Lawyer). I already have to do 2 years at community college to get all my general ed credits, So what classes (or extra-curricular activities) can I take to secure a future in a successful Law School to follow my dreams?

    When am I allowed to ride in the front seat with my parent?

      how much dose it cost to go to the university of arizona to become a lawyer?
      why did arizona chose there motto

    Do defendants have to testify in their own case?

      If you are walking down the street and a cop tells you to stop are you legally obliged to stop?
      I recently created a law website. Can there be a legal penalty, considering I am only 11, and have not began any type of college or law school?
      How old do you have to be in order to get birth control and can you get it without your parents knowing?

    I got an aiding and abbetting ticket when I was 14 years old and now am 17 and trying to find a job? Can employers look this up?


    if you are in a store with a friend, and your friend steals a shirt, but you don't, can you be charged with shoplifting?


    i am 16 dating a 20 year old we are not having sex. is that illegal?

      my fieance has a felony and we are trying to find an apartment to move in to but we've been denied 3 times, is there a place we can go that offers placement help for felons, or at leatst a list of places that accept them?
      If my foster mom placed a restraining order against my ex-boyfriend, but I no longer live with her and she is no longer my legal guardian, is the restraining order still in effect?
      Hello I just turned 17 years old and know someone who is 22. We really enjoy each others company so on so forth. Have been friends for a few months and now we ve decided we like each other but we are afraid of the age difference and what could happen. As long as my parents give consent me dating him with no sexual activity is it ok to do so?
      Can you run for president if your parents are American citizens and you were born in another country while your parents were traveling?
      What are the requirements to become a U.S. representative?

    what is the purpose of the court

      What does a class 2 felony mean? Whats the difference between a class 2 and a class 6?
      Doesn't someone have to harm or threaten you, in order to place a restraining order on them?
      I recently broke up with my girlfriend, she has some of my belongings at her dads house where she now lives and refuses to give them back, How do I get my belongings from her
      What would be the punishment be for burglary of a small store?
      Could you get in trouble for stalking someone?
      I am 15 years old and i am a run away. i do not want to go back home. i lived with my older sister because my mom does drugs..my brother in law verbally abused me and recently started pushing me im scared that this may lead to worse things..my sister always tells me that she will send me to live with my mom but i do not want to go so i ran away. what should i do? and what are my rights? I do not want to go back
      Do math have to do something with begin a lawyer?

    Is a justice of the peace legally a judge?

      Can a parent of an unborn child sign over his rights to that unborn child to the mother of the unborn child?
      what will happen when a lawyer fails to proccess the right information that her client needs
      How old do you have to be in Arizona to have your own bank account?
      am i allowed to ride my Goped® in peoria az. im 14 too.
      Where can I get help? My due process rights have been violated.
      How is military law different than normal law?
      Can they put a juvenile who is mentally ill in prison?
      What can a minor do about sexual harassment?
      My Public Defender Lawyer scared me into taking a plea, even though I wanted to fight the charges.
      If a defendant testifies that he didn't commit a crime and he is found guilty, has he committed perjury?
      What are the laws regarding minors and sexual consent?
      What offenses are handled by Indian courts?
      What are the Wisconsin laws on harassment?
      Do you always go to jail if you lie in court as a witness?
      If the title to my car is in my name, is it illegal for someone else to have possession of the title and refuse to give it to me?
      Can you tell me some things about the executive branch?
      What level of government or agency is responsible for dealing with teen abortion?
      Do I have the right to use images from a game (logos, etc.) on my website, if I acknowledge who owns the copyright?
      What is the law against 'burning' a music artists CD?
      Why is changing a sales tag shoplifting?
      If I got a misdemeanor offense, when is my court date and what sentence most likely to be?
      How long has a teenager ever been in jail?
      How old do I have to be to get my juvenile criminal record cleared?
      Do you receive a worse sentence if you have 1 felony and then get another felony?
      What happens when a child grows up in the Juvenile system? What are the rights of this person who is now an adult?
      Why are the new laws for juveniles so tough?
      If I am a minor and have entered into a contract to buy a car from an adult, is there anything I can do to get out of the contract?
      What crimes can you get a life sentence for?
      What would happen if someone stole a teacher's car?
      Why does someone get his or her driver's license taken away for doing graffiti? It seems like there is no connection between them.
      What would the punishment be if someone shoplifted?
      What kind of punishment could you receive for looking at porn on the Internet if you are underage?
      What are some of the objections that can be made in a trial?
      Who makes laws?
      What happens when someone under 18 is caught with a fake ID?

    What law is broken when you toilet paper a house?

      Laws about riding bicycle at night?
      How do I get rid of a warrant without going to jail?
      Is it legal for minors to make/break contracts?
      Is there a bicycle helmet law for minors?
      What happens to a person in the witness protection program?
      If you are caught with a loud car stereo disturbing the peace, what is the penalty?
      Can a minor return an item and get his money back?
      What are the powers of the United States executive branch?
      What is the difference between jail and prison?
      Would the president go to jail for a crime?
      How Long can you stay in prison?
      What are the responsibilities of a junior versus a senior lawyer?
      If I get arrested for the curfew, what will happen. Will you get handcuffed?
      Do police officers have to read me my rights before questioning me? and Do you have to answer questions from a police officer?
      I am charged with Criminal damage (vandalism) that is either a class 1 misdemeanor or a class 6 felony what could be the results?
      What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?
      What kind of punishment could you get for talking really bad to a cop?
      What is the punishment for a class two felony "Theft"?
      What are the characteristics of prop 202?
      What is the difference between a person younger than 18 and a person over 18 getting caught for shoplifting?
      Is it true that you can have a note from your parents to be out after curfew?
      Where can I find a list of objections that can be made in a trial?
      Is it illegal to have "anti" sites or sites against certain people or groups of people on the web?
      What kids of lawyers are there? What are they?
      I am accused of burglary and criminal damage. If I am found guilty do my parents have to pay?
      Do you know if there is a Web Site for Teen Court?
      I am a juvenile being tried as an adult. When I am transferred can I post bail?
      I can't find on the Internet the actual writings of these laws. Where can I go to find documentation that relates to all these questions?

    What does A.R.S. followed by that funny little sign mean?

      I am a witness, what can I say when I go to court?
      If I am throwing a party with about 50 or more people, and there is alcohol and drugs being used, and the neighbors call the police complaining about the noise, do the Police have the right to a)enter my house b)break up the party? How does the situation change if the Police do not know that there are Drugs/Alcohol being consumed. Do I have the right to refuse the Police entry to my home without a search warrant?
      Is it against the law to follow a cop and watch his/her activities.
      Is it legal to keep a baby chick as a pet where I live? (Phoenix, Arizona)
      Can juveniles be given the death penalty?
      What happens when you are convicted of a felony 3 times?
      Can I be charged with possession of stolen property if a actually bought it?
      How much trouble can I get in for squirting a bad word with ketchup onto someone's desk?
      Why are fireworks illegal in some states but they are not in other states?
      If you get probation when you are 17 and get a curfew can you be transferred to adult probation so you don't have a curfew?
      If you are charged by police with a misdemeanor for petty theft (1st time offense, good student), is there a chance the judge will drop the charge?
      Say I can state that a person is innocent, and the police call my house to question me, but I am a minor (under 18), do the police have to ask my parents if they can question me?

    Is Doorbell ditching (ringing a doorbell and running) breaking the law?

      With warrant, can police search a house when no one is home? With warrant, can police search a house when a minor is, but no adults are home?
      What is disturbing the peace?
      Is tampering with public records a felony or a misdemeanor?
      Does a minor that is detained for underage consumption have the same miranda rights as adults?
      What is punishment for a 14 year old caught slashing tires?
      My son scratched a friends car with a key. What charges can he be faced with?
      If you have a warrant out for missing a court date when you are a juvenile, does it get wiped off your record once you turn 18?
      If you commit a crime at age 17 and turn 18 by the time it goes to court, does ARS 8-302 mean it automatically goes to adult court and the defendant must suffer adult penalties if found guilty?
      How do you file under Rule 32?
      What is the history of Lawyers?
      What are the punishments for possession of stolen property, like a street from a park?
      If you tell a cop that you want an attorney present when you're questioned (now they can't question you) What will happen to you?
      Can an adult sue a minor? Can a minor sue a minor?
      What happens to a person in the witness protection program?
      I am six, I accidentally broke something at a friends house. Legally, do my parents have to pay?
      How did the U.S. Constitution change how governments were set up?
      Can a male officer pat down a female suspect?
      Why was the Bill of Rights added to U.S. Constitution?
      Where can I find the laws against Child Porn for my state along with federal laws. What are the consequences (fines, jail time, etc.) against down loading it vs. possessing it.
      I have been charged with a class 3 felony for trafficking stolen goods, what is the penalty for this?
      Can someone be detained while police await a warrant to search a residence and what constitutes legal detainment?
      The 6th amendment guarantees legal counsel. Does it guarantee that counsel's competency?
      Can a retail store ask me to empty my pockets to prove I didn't take anything?
      Can people go to visit the juvenile detention center to see what is like to be there?
      Can a cop strip search a minor?
      Do you have to be a certain age to buy a condom in AZ?
      If wrongfully accused and tried for a crime, can a person be compensated for costs arising from defending in court?
      How many judges have been impeached by the US House of Representatives?
      What is the sentence for computer hacking?
      Can I get taken to jail and not get read the Miranda rights and still get sentenced?
      What is Due Process?
      What is the difference between the laws for kids and adults?
      Are there any Host liability laws in Arizona?
      Does Arizona have a good Samaritan law?
      Where can I find Constitution Laws?
      What are the penalties for Jaywalking?
      Why are some laws never enforced?
      When can a police officer take out their gun?
      How long is a Life Sentence?
      What is the difference between parole and probation?
      Does Napster have the right to sell artist's songs for free on their website?
      Can a person claim they are mentally unstable to get out of being charged guilty of a crime?
      Does a Juvenile have the right of a court appointed attorney?
      If you are walking and a cop pulls you over cause you look suspicious can he search you for looking suspicious?
      What would be the consequences of ignoring a court order?
      Why do we have Amendments?
      What are the penalties for theft?
      Do we have the right to say anything we want to a cop before he reads me my Miranda rights and will it still be held against me in the court of law?
      Is it true that kids have different opportunities when going through trial if they are White?
      Can you tell me how the Juvenile Justice System Works?
      Do the police have to read me my rights before they can talk to me?
      Is skateboarding a crime?
      Is it possible for a class 4 felony criminal damage charge to be reduced to a lesser charge if it is a first time offense for a 10 year old?
      If I forge a parents signature, does that parent have any legal recourse or what could happen to me?
      If I get my juvenile record expunged, can I then state the crime wasn't committed -(for example: on an application)?; If not, what good is it to expunge them?
      I received a $100.00 jaywalking ticket that has no court date on it. What will happen If I don't show up. Is this fine excessive?
      If you have a warrant out for missing a court date when you are a juvenile, does it get wiped off your record once you turn 18?
      What is the time frame of being prosecuted on felonies, juvenile courts?
      Can you be ID'ed when you are pulled over by a police officer even if you are not the one driving?
      I know we have laws, but do they really help the government or people more?
      What is the punishment of an adult found guilty of consensual sex w/a 15 year old and charged with a class 6 felony?
      About how many teens between the ages of 13-15 are in one juvenile detention facility?
      What is the role of federal judges and what are the laws governing federal judge impeachment?
      If you get arrested, but the officer never reads you your rights Does that mean you were never technically arrested?
      Can an owner/manager of a trailer park deny a tenant a rental space or unit because of a felony conviction, even if the person has served his time?
      Why do kids go to jail for life for something they did when they are young and stupid?
      What are the penalties for selling hard drive with copyrighted material on it?
      What would you say to girl who wants to be a judge?
      If someone commits a crime when they are 15 and they weren't charged could they be charged when they turn 18?
      Is denying someone a glass of water illegal in Arizona?
      If you were charged with panhandling, what could happen?
      What are the possible punishments for a 14 year old who commits three separate counts of class six felony theft, class four felony burglary, and criminal damage?
      If I was caught shoplifting and had to go to jail. What would my parents have to do and pay?
      Is it illegal for me to walk around with my shirt off?
      How do I get a Public Defender?
      Is it illegal to deface money?
      What is contract Law?
      What is the punishment for making a forest fire?
      What skills to Lawyers need?
      If you have a right to petition how come you get arrested for doing it?
      If I get a ticket for riding my bike inside a skatepark, and I give the officer wrong personal information what will happen?
      What is the decision that says Indian res. law prevails over U.S. law if on the reservation.
      What happens to a 14 year old after arraignment?
      What are my rights if I am stopped by a police officer while walking at night when he has no suspicion of a crime?
      What happens if a girl wants sex but when they get caught and sent to court the girl says the guy raped her?
      What's the minimum age in which a juvenile can be tried as an adult in the state of Arizona?
      What trouble would you get in for setting off fireworks?
      Can the cops come into an enclosed porch without a search warrant or being let in by someone inside?
      What is Federal Offense?
      Can a twelve year old hunt with a parent?
      Why aren't minors allowed to vote?
      When taken into custody is the police office required to read you the Miranda Rights?
      What are the Miranda rights and who's Miranda?
      What will happen if a 15yr old is charged with a felony?
      How old do you have to be to be sent to juvenile detention?
      Is it legal to put security cameras in dressing rooms?
      What is first degree murder?
      What are the legal consequences of distributing a virus over the Internet?
      What does the job description of a lawyer entail?
      I hid my 10 year old friend who ran away from home from the police and her parents. Can I get into trouble if I lied to the police?
      Can a target security Guard arrest you for shoplifting, and will they get in trouble for not reading your Miranda rights?
      What types of new laws do I have now that I am 18?
      What is the punishment for going into someone else's email?
      Is it fair that women get less money?
      Can a 16 year old go camping unsupervised?
      If a person gets sick or dies from food poisoning, can they sue (and recover) from the makers or suppliers of the food?
      Do police have to get parent's permission to talk to underage witnesses, not offenders?
      How long does the District Attorney's Office of Arizona have to pick up a file on someone for sexual conduct with a minor?
      If two people go through their neighbors yard to get to another house and they press charges for trespassing, what could happen?
      If I have to go to court for shoplifting and I have a child to take care of will the judge most likely not sent me to jail?
      What are the consequences that the Washington DC sniper will be facing for all of the killings that he has done? What could he be tried for?
      What kind of crime would I have to commit to be put on house arrest?
      Who wrote the 6th amendment and when?
      Where can I find out if someone has a criminal record?
      What happens if someone is convicted of arson?
      What are the requirements to be a judge in USA?
      What happens at an arraignment?
      I recently stole my aunts car but charges were not pressed. I was wondering how long that would stay on my record?
      If somebody steals and doesn’t know he stole something, what would happen if the store found out?
      What are the requirements to become a member of the U.S. Senate?
      If I catch someone stealing my property can I restrain them and tie them up put them in my car and drive to the police station and not get in trouble?
      Could you be punished if you know someone is suicidal and don't tell anyone and they do it?
      I am being charged with credit card fraud but have no record, is it possible to get probation?

    If you spit from a building on someone, is that against the law?

      im 17 on probation and im pregnant. its against my prob. to have contact with the dad. but i got pregnant before that was a court order, so i cant get in trouble for that but i want to tell my P O so hopefully she'll let us be together. but i'm afraid to say something because the dad is 19 im 17. my b-day is jan 30 88 his is may 13 86. is it illegal? can my PO get him put in jail?
      Can someone get in trouble for have sex w/ a person under the set age limit? But i mean by this as (ex. 14 and 14 year old have sex) two people engaging in sex are both underage?
      Hi I have a 7-year-old daughter who just recently started to steal from us. What I would like to know is there anything we can do, maybe a tour of a juvenile detention center, so that she can see if she continues this behavior, what the consequences can be? Please advise. Thank you!
      How old do you have to be to sell tobacco in a retail store in the state of Arizona
      Puerto Rico is associated w/ the U.S., so if you were born in Puerto Rico, would you be considered as
      I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm 14. I wuld be 15 when I had the baby. The father would also be 15. What are my rights as a 15 year old mother? Can I move in with my child's father without my parents consent? Can I get medical attention without my parents consent? If I have to have my parents consent for these things, how do I change that?
      Hi my name is Brad I'm sixteen and I was caught shop lifting some thing that was worth a hundred bucks and I'm really scared what the out come is going to be could anyone tell me please!!!!
      I'm 17 years old and just graduate high school. I am going to be attending college in the fall. I am going to be living on campus and everything, does anything change for me as far as curfew and other laws? Mainly curfew. Am I allowed to stay out later because I am a college student? Thanks for all your help.
      How old do you have to be in the state of arizona to rent your own apartment? could you be 17?
      In Arizona, how long does a class 1 misdemeanor stay on your record?
      Is it still shoplifting if you simply do your own exchange? For example, if you buy a pair of pants and decide that they don't fit right, is it legal to return to the store where you bought them and do your own exchange for the exact same item, only in a different size?
      What are the rules for interviewing a six year old child?
      My brother, has been using meth, stealing, having weapons, and etc for many years. Recently, he stole a car, and cops caught him. We had to go get him, because he was a minor (17, until november and he is 18). Well, they caught him breaking into a house, and possesion of meth, as well as weapons. They put him in jail, but we had to get him. What I am wondering is, is there anyway to get him out of the house, since he is violent, and will retaliate if we send him to jail, and we get him. Is there anything we can do, since we are afraid of him
      I will be 18 in 2 weeks. How do I get my juvenile record expunged in Arizona? I am having trouble finding info on this.

    what is the age requirement for the house of representatives?


    Can the state of arizona pick up the charges if a minor's parents don't press charges for statitory rape?

      How old do you have to be to bus tables?
      how many supreme court justices are there?
      Hi, is there a Law in AZ that will let a tenant ask for a discount in rent if your apt is literally facing a construction zone across the street from your apt? Hearing bulldozers and trucks at 5am isn't the greatest thing. thanks.
      If my boyfriend is over 18 can my Mom put a restraining order on him? Would that be in the Supreme court files, or public information? Does he have to be served personally or can it just be sent in the mail?

    Is it illegal to order things from online if I use my debit card?

      can i testify without my parents knowing or without their concent? Or can I write a letter regarding the situation and have it noterize. the testimony would be agisnt the wrong testimony of one parent to someone that is not a relative.
      I work fast food, at closing last night I shut the door against my foot and the glass cracked. My boss said he would start deducting money from my paychecks to pay for replacing the glass. Is this legal and am I responsible for this accident? At $7 an hour it's not worth me working. What if a oven or something major breaks down, what then? He deducts $20 from another employee's paycheck because she has a face piercing that she can't get out. Please advise me on what my legal rights are. Thanks!
      Are there any laws prohibiting reserving and paying for a hotel unaccompanied while you are under 18?
      I have a 'green card' and have chosen to apply for a restraining order against an FBI agent. Is this possible.
      Do you have to have a passport to fly to New Mexico?
      I speak only Mongolian. Does a Mongolian interpreter have to be provided if I am arrested or a witnesss in a criminal trial?
      im 17 years old and i'm dating a 20 year old , my parents and I do not get along they want me out of the house, would I be able to live with him , legaly if they kick me out? Or are we even Legaly able to date at our ages?

    I was caught with ecstasy what is the worst that could happen?

      Do I have the right to sew someone it their dog bites me as I'm walking down the sidewalk?
      I'm an incoming Freshman at ASU.Yesterday I was biking to school like I had been doing for a week prior,along with several other people, when I and a couple other people, not all of them, was stopped by police. They gave me a ticket for biking on the wrong side of the road and told me to bike across the street (jay walk) instead of bike to the nearest intersection and cross over. They didn't give me warning.No signs had been posted around and ASU didn't tell me either.Is this constitutional?Doesn't expostfacto prohibit them from giving out tickets without making it known that you can't do it
      Can I legally be nude in my own backyard and swim in my own pool without a bathing suit in the city of Surprise?
      What are the best ways to deal with noise issues with other tenants in a complex?
      I'm seventeen years old, and I don't live with my family. Under the the Bill of Rights, Amendment 1, I'm supposed to have the freedom of religion, but I'm being forced to go to church. Is this a violation of my civil liberties?
      What is the conviction for a hot check writer over $500.00?
      What can happen to a 14 year old that forges checks?
      Can you get put in jail at the age of seventeen for credit card fraud?
      If I runaway would the baby be taken away from me? I would be living with the father when I leave.
      Is it illegal to be in a gang?
      How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced?
      How does the law decide whether a minor is tried as an adult or a minor?
      Will the State (the prosecutor) bring charges even if the victim does not wish to press charges?
      How can I be charged with Grafitti without the police catching me in the act?
      What happens when you are on house arrest and what happens when you are on probabtion?
      How would a person go about restoring his rights, specifically right to a civil service job and right to vote, after being a convicted felon, then staying clean for over ten years? What is the name of the pertinent law that dictates this process?
      Were court appointed lawyers appointed before 1950?
      What are the 3 court levels in Arizona?
      Can you change your plead during the middle of a murder trial?
      How many hours do criminal defence lawyers work on average?
      Can you sue if...?
      What can happen to you if you are found guilty of aiding and abetting?
      If an officer let you go, can they later serve a warrant for your arrest?
      Do you use any math when you are a lawyer?
      What are the requirements in order for someone to become a Judge at federal level?
      What offenses are handled by the Indian Court?
      What happens at a grand jury proceeding?
      How many members are in the House sentatives of Representatives?

    What was the Bill of Rights?

      At what age does sex become legal?
      Is Mooning someone Illegal?
      Is it true that in Arizona you must be eighteen to purchase or posses tobacco but only 16 to smoke it?
      I slept over at a friend's house and her mom took us out t.p.-ing. We toilet-papered my boyfriend's house and chalked my dad's house. When my mom found out, she freaked! She said that we could be guilty of trespassing, vandalism and criminal damage, and that it didn't matter that an adult was with us. She said my friend's mom was contributing to the delinquency of a minor, whatever that means. Is she right?
      What is the punishment for Sex with a minor?

    I lost my keys and wallet the other day and someone found them and brought them to public safety at my college. When I went to get my keys back the next morning they had gone through everything in my wallet, found my fake ID and told me that they were keeping it and my license was going to be suspended for 6 months in MA and RI where I am from. Can they do this even though I wasn't using it and I wasn't even getting in trouble for anything..I just innocently lost my keys.

      What is sexual contact?
      How do I register for the Selective Service?
      Will draft cards be issued when I register?
      What can happen if I do not register with the Selective Service?
      Who is required to register for the draft?
      At what age can I enlist in the Armed Forces?
      What does consent mean?
      What are the penalties for sexual crimes?
      What is a tort?
      What is the difference between an adjudication in juvenile court and a conviction in adult court. If a juvenile was adjudicated for an offense do they have to check that they have been convicted of a crime on a job application?

    Because a I got a Class Six Felony when i was 17 does that meen i cannot register to vote when i turn 18? or are Juvenile Court Felonys Different From Adult Court?


    age to run for governor?

      I was wondering if anyone happens to know a simplified version of the Federal Rules of Evidence, i'm attempting to use them in a pre-trial argument for my mock trial class. The argument for Pre-Trial is whether or not a new sci. test is accepted in the relevant scientific community. I'm attempting to use the Rules to allow me (defense) the ability to argue its reliability in order to dismiss the Memory Mapping Test. Simply put the test monitors brain activity to seewhether or not the subject has memories related to crime
      my boyfriend has a temper problem whenever i do something that he doesn't like he'll grab my neck really tight and try to hurt me in anyway possible for people around us not to know whats going on i pretend that we're playing around. I'm 16 and he's 18 can i put a restraining order on him without a parent?

      I shoplifted at a Target and at a Wal-Mart what will happen to me? Will I get arrested and put in Juvenille? Please tell me I want to know because I am only 11 years old and I have a whole life ahead of me I can't get put in Jail now.
      I write a lot of poems and stories and I was wondering, if I post my poems somewhere are they protected or do I have to get them compyrighted somehow?
      How can a school get a school resource officer?

    what are the requirrments for becoming govenor or an elected offiacal,in Arizona ?

      can a pros. att. use a witness that he knows is perjuring himself on the witness stand? and can he with hold evedence from the court to help him win his case?


      I know someone who is on probation and on the run, that person is going to be turning 18 in a week or two and I am wondering what happens after that person turns 18 what happens if he/she did not turn him/herself in before turning 18?
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