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  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Family law is one of the most far-reaching branches of the law. Just a few areas that family law covers are marriage, divorce, adoption, child abuse and neglect, and emancipation.

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      My mom died when i was 7 years old and i was adopted at the age of 17 months when my mom died my grandparents started up a legal child custody suit to take me from my dad can they do this they are my moms mother and father
      A biological father who has not seen his son in 7 years recently started paying child support. Does he still have parental rights?
      Can gays adopt in AZ?
      after being absent from my life for 16 year my father is now looking to be in my life again. If I don't live with my mom but my aunt and uncal who are my leagal gardians for the past 4 years could he have a good chance of geting custody?
      I am five months pregnant, and am not recieving any help from the father, is there any way to recieve assistance from him before the baby arrives? (like child support)
      While I was still a minor I had a joint account with my parents. Before I turned 18 my mom closed the account and took all the money out of it, this being my college fund. They are now going through a divorce and the money is just gone (she is claiming that she put it into cd's and now its gone).  Is there any way to get the money back from her now that I need it for school?
      I am pregnant and trying to get state assistance... will my father still have to pay child support for me if I am receiving help from the state?
      A biological father who has not seen his son in 7 years recently started paying child support. Does he still have parental rights?
      What should I do when someone dies and they are on parole?
      I am pregnant and not married, do I have to list the baby's father's name on the birth certificate? If so, what rights does he have to the child versus if I didn't put his name on the certificate?
      What Age Can i legally move out without my parents permission?(they know where i'll be and i'm with another responsible adult)

    Can my mom and I move out of state and not have to stay in Arizona? My biological father who does not come around or give my mom any money says that we have to stay in Arizona even though he never married my mom. He wants us here and not to go to Texas. Does he have the right to make us stay in Arizona even though he is not apart of our life?

      A Couple with children has divorced. Who is obligated to pay child support? Who decides how much is paid? For how long is this support paid? What happens if it is not paid?
      hi my question is i want to live with someone other than my dad and mom but i dont know how to do so my mom is very abusive my dad smokes weed and cant even really support me i live with the other people and i wish it to be permanent my dad doesnt even have a real job when i lived with him i hardly had lights our water got turned off all the time and i didnt really have food for school heck he couldnt even pay for my school so how can i live with the other people
      If you are 17 and you and your family don't get along at all and you have a someone that will let you live with them at least until you turn 18, would that be able to happen?

    at what age can a child declare which parent they want to live with. My mother wants my niece to say that she doesn't want to live with her mother. She thinks that my niece is allowed by law to make this decision at age 12. Is this true?


    Say ur child doesn't clean up around the house so the stepdad grounds him with no ending time but the things he cant do is go outside or get anything like presents etc. His mom is in iraq but is married to the stepdad. The real dad wants to take him somewhere can the step dad stop the child from going?

      Living at home causes stress, depression, and anger would that reason alone be enough for me to get emancipated, go to foster home or anywhere other than home!?
      My mother is not willing to take responsibility for me and I do not have a father so I have been living with my grandmother and her husband for almost 2 years. None of my family really wants me to be a part of their family, and I wanted to get emancipated. But Arizona does not allow this to happen. Are there any other alternatives that could help me to separate myself from my family and start my own life?
      I am 16 years old and i live in pinetop, arizona. My question is, i want to move out of my mothers house because her and i cannot seem to get along anymore, however arizona does not accept the emancipation law, so basically my question to you would be, is there a way that i can move out of my house even though i am a minor?
      I have a 16 year old that wants to move out and had been causing a lot of problems at home with our other children. He does not do anything to help out at home and has been caught smoking pot many times. He only goes to school when he wants to and will not get a job. He has no respect for anyone and it is affecting the other children in a negative way. What can we do to get him out of the house or away from our other children?

    My mother has my name on a protective order against my Dad and now that I am 18 I plan on living with my Dad but I don't want to get him in any trouble. Since I am 18 now can I just go live with him or do I need to get my name off of the order? If I do, how do I get my name off of the order?

      I left home becasue my father is verbally and physically abusive. He came to my friend's house and took my cAr away, and is now going to empty my bank account. WHAT LEGAL RIGHTS DO I HAVE?

    what legal age can I choose in the State of Arizona which parent to live with?

      I am an adopted 15 year old boy from Arizona. My adoptive parents abuse me physically and mentally. I am never allowed out of the house besides school. My mother is a heavy drug user and unbearable to be around. I have a close friend that his family is more than willing to take me in and help me. Is there anything I could do to make this happen? I don't think I could last until I'm 18!
      I know this kid that is 15 years old. His dad and step mom continualy kick him out of the house. When he comes back they call and have him put into durango and then when he is released they kick him out again. Its a continual cycle. After a while they finally just told him not to come back. I would like to know the laws on this one. I also want to know the laws on someone else taking him in and caring for him, what are his rights?
      If my dad trys to fight me and he punches me first will i go to jail for fighting him back???

    I am pregnant and i am planning to go thru a private adoption. the father of the baby is not in my life. my mom is in prison and im wondering what kind of rights i have like signing legal papers to the couple i am giving my baby to. please any info you have would be rad.

      I am 14 years old and live in Arizona is it true that when I turned 13 it was up to me if I wanted to spend the weekends with my father? I do not mind going for a visit 1 day out of the week for a couple hours however I do not want to spend the weekends with him because he is not there and I am left with his girlfriend and her children.
      Can being forced to subscribe to a radical religon be grounds for an emancipation?
      I live with my dad. my dad is going to court so my sister and me can live with him then with my mom. the jugde said that we have to go and live with my mom can me and my sister get emancipated and live with my dad or not. also what if he said just one of use has to live with her can that one get emancipated sinc my mom lied in the court how and we can proof some of it but the jugde will not hear what my dad has to say. so what can i do beause i would rather go to jail or run away if i have go live with my mom.
      I have a friend that has an abusive relationship with her mother. Child prottective services have been called by her school at least once but her mom always denies it, is thier anything she can do?

    If a father has his name on the birth certificate but the parents were not married, does he have any rights to his kids? Can the mother take them out of state?

      I met this guy when I was 14 and he was 19. We talked for 2 months. We knew our age difference was wrong, so we decided to wait until I was older. We saw other people, but still talked. We have waited about 3 years and we decided that we wanted to be together no matter what so we started a relationship. We have been together almost a year. The problem is I'm 17 and even though I'll be 18 in 6 months hes 23. My parents didn't have a problem with it in the beginning, but now they do. What can I do? We aren't having sexual relations. Is it illegal to date him?
      My mother died and my grandparents had custody of me and gave my oldest sis custoy. I now live with her and being physically and mentally abused. She won't let me call my family or see them. I can't tell anyone cuz i'm afraid of what she might do to me if i tell. She has threated other people before that she would kill them. So I'm really scared and secretly call my family for help. I want them to come and get me without my Sister knowing. Can my family in Indiana come and get me without my sister's approval?
      I'm 18 and have decided that I want to live with my mother, but my dad has told me that as long as I live with my parents I have no say where I can stay - no matter how old I am. Is this true and are there any ways to override it?

    I moved out from my dad & stepmom house a few weeks after I turned 18. I live in apartment with my friend also I have full time job. While I'm under age (before turn 18) I live with them I'm mostly/always break they rule (cannot follow they rule) that's why my parents are upset to me and my stepmom do not get along to well with me. Recently I tell to my dad that I like to come back stay with them. Can my dad refuse me?

      My father remarried about a year ago. Recently I got into an argument with my stepmother because I broke my curfew. She threatened to spank me the next time I disobey her. Does my stepmother have the authority to spank me?
      I am 17 and am a father to a 2 month old little girl. I want to be responsible for my daughter so when I graduate I will get a job. How much of my paycheck should I give my daughter for childsupport? I want it to be the right amount she is entitled to and nothing less.
      If my foster mom placed a restraining order against my ex-boyfriend, but I no longer live with her and she is no longer my legal guardian, is the restraining order still in effect?
      My mom and dad has custedy of me and wall i live with my mom but i want to live with my dad but my dad can only see me every other weekend if igo with my dad would i be a runnaway?
      Since I am 14, do I have the right to choose if I want to see my dad?
      My mom & dad keep abusing. In which circumstances can I be put in a foster home?
      Okay. I just found out that I am pregnant. My mother told me that if she ever found out that I was pregnant that I would never see the father again. Can my mother legally keep me from seeing the father of my baby? We are both seventeen and his mother said that if they can't see the baby then they will get custody.
      I can't stand my dad!! I live with my mom, and he's married with two other kids. How old do i have to be in order to choose when i want to visit him or not??
      My son lives in Tempe, Arizona attending school. He recently broke up with his fiancee in Cincinnati, Ohio because she tricked him into getting her pregnant. Since he broke up with her she is telling everyone she will not allow him or our family to see the child unsupervised, even if he pays child support. I live in Cincinnati and know this girl has taken drugs and has little regard for her own life and that scares me that she is going to be the mother of my son's child. What rights do I have as a grandmother, and what rights does my son have?
      My 17 year old sister is in SEF unit 14 how can I talk to her can we email each other?
      Even though I am only 17 I am graduating high school. Can I get emancipated when I graduate or do I have to wait til I'm 18?
      My parents are divorced, and I currently live with my mother, but we do NOT get along anymore. I am not a bad kid (I don't do drugs, smoke, steal, or any of that stuff), but I want to move in with my dad until I graduate from high school, so that my mom and I can get away from eachother. She also tells me to pack my bags and get out on a daily basis. Then she tells me that if I leave then she will call the police and tell them I'm a runaway and have me convicted. Can she do that?
      I am 17 years old and my parents let my boyfriend live with us for a year and we have been dating for 2 years. now everything has gone bad my dad has been verbally abusive to me and mom. My boyfriend and I just want to know if it is alright to live together we both have jobs and good transportation. he is older than me and we just want to live together away from my parents.
      How old do I have to be in order to watch my younger sister if my parents are not home?

    Where can I get a form to take to superior court for a legal name change?

      What can I do if my parents verbally abuse me?
      What are the consequences if I leave home before I turn 18 years old?
      I am 11 years old and would like to be able to get my last name changed to my step dad's. What do I have to do?
      How old do you have to be before you can legally leave home in Arizona?
      Is it possible to get married without parents' consent?
      How old do I have to be to choose who I live with?
      I would like to get my personal property back from my stepmother, can I take her to court?
      Is it legal for parents to lock their kids out if they don't come home by curfew?
      At what age can kids be left at home alone?
      My parents are divorced with joint custody but I really don't want to spend very much time with my father. How are custody issues decided?
      Are parents responsible for kid's actions?
      My parents do drugs and how do I get away from it?
      How can I keep my Dad from getting my inheritance from my Grandma? Put it in the Bank?
      If I have permission from a parent, how old do I have to be before I can move out?
      If the parent allows sexual contact with someone 16 and older what is the law on that?
      Does a minor have the right, when pregnant, to keep the baby against parental consent?
      Is it legal to drink in your own home if your parents condone it?
      Is there any way I can be sure that I get to live with only one of my parents in a divorce case?
      Can a parent of an unborn child sign over his rights to that unborn child to the mother of the unborn child?
      I have a boyfriend, 16 yrs. old, who is believed to being mentally abused by his parents. He truly believes that his parents do not care about him. His dad recently told him that he is kicked out of the house. The dad said he is going to put him into foster care. My boyfriend wants to live with me or at one of my friend's house. Both of our parents have said it was ok since they know how his parents treat him.  Who takes responsibilty if he leaves his house and lives with a friend? What are his rights?
      Question i will be 13 in august of this year.My mom and dad have joint custody of me.I go to my dads in the summer.When can i decide what i want.I don't want to go to my dads in the summer i want to stay with my mom but he won't let me.?
      If i moved out Two weeks before my 18th birthday could my parents still charge me??? What would be the consquence?
      Could my mom take away something i bought with my own money and not give it back?

    i live at home with my mother and stepfather. i am 16 and will be 17 in july i want to know what i have to do to get out of my house because im being verbaly abused by my stepfather. my mother doesnt defend me most of the time and i have a hard time not getting into an arguement with my stepfather. my real father, to me doesnt really have the abelitly to take care of me so i ask you for help, what do i have to do to get out of this situation?


    If I'm pregnant am I emancipated or can my parents still make decisions for me. What about my unborn child/baby? Who makes decisions for the child?

      I am 10 years old and live with my Mom and Step father. When I was 3 years old when my mom and my real dad split up. My mom wouldn't let my dad have any visitation until he took angermangement classes. My dad never took the classes but I know that he wanted to see me. My mom had my dads parental rights taken away and then changed my name to her maiden name. She still gets child support from him is this right? Is it right to collect child support and not let me see my dad? If my mom lets my step dad adopt me can she still get child support from my real dad?
      What does Wedlock mean?
      May I move in with an adult without my parents' permission?
      I was born out of wed-lock. But I've known my father for years. Now he wants to take me away from mom and step-father. Can he?
      My girlfriends dad beats her and she doesn't get along with her mom, Can she live with me and my family without her moms permission?
      Is there a law that prohibits minors from attending R-rated movies?
      Abusive Parents: Can I divorce them if I have a family to go to?
      Can I rent my own apartment without the permission of my parents?
      Is it legal to get married under 18 if pregnancy occurs?
      Is there any organization that protects the children and their rights when a judge makes an order re: their well-being?
      I live with mom who has sole custody. Can dad/ judge MAKE me visit him? AND My mom has full custody & my dad has visitation rights, but he's physically & verbally abusive to me. Do I have to see him if I don't want to?
      How do I become emancipated from my step mom and dad (they're married and I live with them)?
      My dad does not pay his child support. When I turn 18, can I sue him for the support he owes?
      I live with my grandmother in Maine but my father has custody of me and he lives in Arizona. He does drugs, how can my grandmother get custody of me?
      A court order saying I could have contact with my mother was violated. Do I have legal recourse?
      May I move in with another adult without my parents' permission?
      I live at home but don't want to. I have a job, and I support myself in every way. I buy my own food, clothes, etc. What are my parents legal responsibilities for me, and can I leave home if they do not follow them?
      Could my grandmother sign my marriage license if she has taken care of me for my entire life?
      Is it true once you become pregnant you are emancipated?
      I live with my father but my mom has our custodies. Can he hit us or tell us what to do?
      I am 17 now and am placed on probation and I live with my parents. Do I still have the right to leave home when I turn 18?
      If someone in my family gets married and we don't like them can we have them keep their last legal last name? without getting our last name?
      At what age can you choose which parents you want to live with either?
      I am adopted, and I want to move back with my real parents, what should I do?
      Can my eldest biological sister in Utah sue for custody of me?
      With parental consent, can a child at the age of 16 date someone who is over 18? Is it legal for a minor to date someone 18 or older if sex is not a factor and the minor has parental consent?
      Can the father of my baby get custody of our baby if he is going to be tried for sexual misconduct with a minor? He is 27 I am 14.

    I have a one year old and a good job and I’m about to be married why can't I move out now?

      My parents are forcing me to take medicine to control my moods and I feel I do not need to take it. Do I have the right to refuse it or can I find a way I don't have to take it?
      Can a parent spank their kid at any age before 18 years old? I don't mean beat the kid just spank them?
      If married in Mexico is it legal in the USA?
      If I was charged with being an Incorrigible child would I be forced to move back home?
      I am 16 and I want to know if I can marry a international who is 21 if my parents say it is ok?

    I live in Arizona, is there no possibility of me requesting legal emancipation without parental consent?

      When the law attempts to arrest someone for not paying child support, and this person runs from the law what would the punishment be for this crime?
      Do convicted felons still retain custody rights?
      How old do I have to be to stop having visitation with my dad?
      What happens when child abuse is reported?
      Is it lawful for parents to charge rent before I am 18?
      What rights do parents have when a child turns 17?
      Can foster children petition for emancipated minor status?
      Can a doctor tell my parents why I was there if I don’t want him to, is it against the law?
      Can a parent kick really kick me out of the house before I am 18?
      I am 14 and my mom and dad have joint custody. I have been living with my mom for 14 years and I want to live with my dad. My dad is a heavy drinker and my mom does not think that this would be good for me. Can she do anything to prevent me from living with my Dad?
      What can happen if I do not tell the father I'm pregnant with his baby?
      My dad has custody. He wont let me see mom's parents. How can I get to see them?
      Can a 15 year old and 17 year old consensually engage in sex?
      Is it legal for a parent receiving child support to spend it all on bills and not set up any kind of account for the child?
      Does the state where a divorce was ruled on, automatically have jurisdiction if the mother and child move to AZ?
      I live with my mom and I want to live with my dad because me and my mom don't get along. My mom says that she won't let me go live with him. I don't want to stay with my mom, is there a law saying that if my dad takes me, he'll be charged with kidnapping?
      If a parent leaves a toddler in the car alone can they be arrested for child endangerment?
      Is it legal for people to take pictures of my son without my consent?
      How do I terminate my fathers rights to me. I have not seen him in three years. I want my step dad to adopt me.
      Are parents allowed to lock children in their bedrooms? If so, what is the max amount of time allowed?
      I was married at 16, divorced at 17 am I still considered a minor or am I emancipated?
      I am 18 and still enrolled in high school, can my parents legally kick me out of the house?
      I am seven years old and my parents want to get rid of me. Can they do that?
      I'm 9 years old. What happens to me if I'm with my dad and he is caught with marijuana?

    I'm 16 and have permission to move out from my parents. Do I need a legal document and where/how do I get one?

      Can a police get in trouble for not taking notice to a abuse that is reported to them?
      Can a lawyer interview a child without their parent's consent?
      Can my father keep me from getting a job?
      The Judge ordered that I visit my father in GA alone on the plane, I am afraid. Can my mom send a letter to the Judge so maybe my dad can come & see me? Who can help my mom on this?
      I am an 18 year old college freshman. I live away from home and pay for all my own expenses. My parents still want to keep control over my bank accounts and will only allow me to touch the money when they say I can. Is there any way I can get an "emancipation" for non-minors so that I will have legal financial independence?
      My mom filed charges against someone for sexual conduct with a minor. Now she wants to drop the charges is she allowed to do that?
      Can a minor get their guardianship changed?
      Why do parents have to pay child surport?
      Can my parents Force me to go to Church ? I am Atheist.
      I am 17 and have a child; can I move in with his father without my mothers consent?
      What is the process of court to receive visitation rights?
      I will be 18 soon. I am I still required by law to go to visitation with my dad who I don't really get along with?
      What time do we have to be out of a bar if we are with our parents?
      Could anyone loose their house/apt. for housing a criminal?
      What rights do stepparents have in the care of step-kids?
      Is it unlawful for a minor (16) to runaway? If so what is the punishment?
      Can a minor get custody of a child that he fathered?
      What is a ward of the court?
      I have a friend she is my age and she is dating a 19 year old is it okay I mean they aren't doing anything and there parents are okay with it?
      My brother is 22 and has an 8 month-old son. My brother is on probation for threatening a restaurant manager when he was drunk. He has to attend substance abuse classes and stay off durgs and alcohol for one year. He is violating his probaiton because he still drinks and when I went to his house recently he had marijuana in a back room. He is hiding this from his wife so she will let him visit with his son (they are separated because he refuses to stop using drugs and alcohol). I am worried about my nephew and his safety when he stays with my brother. What should I do?
      I am 17 and I live with my mom and dad but I hate it here. They never help me or any of my sisters they are lazy. I mean I hate it here. I have a place I could go and live but I don't think my parents would let me move out and live with someone else. Is there any way to get around that? I don't want to get them in trouble I just HATE it here. Thanks!
      How can I be adopted by someone without my parents knowing? How can I get the legal rights of my parents taken away?
      My fiance and I are not married and won't be when the baby comes. I am the mother. Can I put my fiance's last name as the baby's last name instead of mine?
      Right now my real mom has joint physical custody of me but I have lived with my father and stepmom for the last 13 months. I am afraid my real mom will change her mind and not let me live with my dad anymore and I do not want that to happen. My real mom is not able to support me the way my dad can and my stepmom and dad spend more time with me. My real mom does drugs and I do not like to go over there. Is there any way the courts would let me live with my dad always and not have to worry my real mom will tell me I have to come back and live with her? I want to live with my dad please help.
      My brother, has been using meth, stealing, having weapons, and etc for many years. Recently, he stole a car, and cops caught him. We had to go get him, because he was a minor (17, until november and he is 18). Well, they caught him breaking into a house, and possesion of meth, as well as weapons. They put him in jail, but we had to get him. What I am wondering is, is there anyway to get him out of the house, since he is violent, and will retaliate if we send him to jail, and we get him. Is there anything we can do, since we are afraid of him
      I have a daughter with someone. At the time we were and are not married. We split up after 8 years. Our daughter lives with me 24/7. He does not give me support. He is listed on her birth certificate. I want nothing from him that is why I have never filed offical court papers establishing paternity, support or visitation. I need to know what his rights are in regards to her. Can I keep her from him legally because we receive nothing from him? Can he come over and just try to take her by force with police involvement?
      What is Arizona's State Law concerning the minimum age for kid's to stay home alone?
      I'm 13 and i have a 14 year old sister shes almost 15 and already thinking about emancipation but az has no law we both want to be emancitpated my mom has done drugs for longer then i've be alive and she does weed and coke sometimes she also kinda drinks alot i can stand her mentally abuse and threats agaist my life is there anyway me and my sister can get out when we each turn 16 because im also depressed and stressed and i use to cut myself but i dont anymore so my lifes pretty messed up at home i hate it here i need to get out do i have any room to try
      My girlfriend's father beats/rapes her on a regular basis, her mother doesn't seem to care, and her father has taught her brother to disrespect and hurt her as well. She's 17 still, and I'm 16, and I'm wondering if she could move in with me and my mother until she turns 18
      My mother smokes marijuana and now my ister does to cause she steals it from my mom and i wanted to know if i turn in my mom and or sister to make them stop will i get put ina foster home?
      Do I have to go to court for a hearing if I want to be emancipated?
      What is emancipation?
      Who can apply to be emancipated in Arizona?
      Where do I apply to be emancipated in Arizona?
      What are my rights and obligations if I am emancipated?
      What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?
      How does my emancipation affect my parents?
      What if my parents don't want me to be emancipated?
      Does emancipation affect my driver’s license?
      My boyfriend and I live together and have a new baby. Things are not working out for us. He is more of my roomate than my boyfriend. It's very emotionally draining. He threatens that if I leave, he will fight me for full custody of our child. What are my legal rights as the mother? Thank you
      My parents were arguing one night and both of them started to get really loud my two little brothers were crying and i never heard them fight like that before i got scared and called the police. well they ended up arresting my dad for disorderly conduct domistic voilance. do i have to testify against him I don't want to because i love him and i don't want him to go to jail. do i have rights
      What counts as emotional abuse in Az and what can be done?
      Is it called abuse if a family member hits you playfully?
      How old can a kid stay home and baby sitt
      if parents leave babys in a car by them selves do they get into trouble?
      Can my parents make me go on vacation with them somewhere if I'm only 17?

    I am 13 and want to be adopted by my step-dad. Can I file my own petition for the adoption or does it have to be done by my mom and step-dad? (it will be contested by my bio father - even though i haven't seen him in over 4 years).

      I live with my mother and stepfather. my mom had full custody of me. Do i have the choice of living with my father?
      My mom and dad just got divorced January 1, 2006. my dad has to pay child support. My dad had to give my mom 50,000.00 dollars because he got to keep the house. My dad is taking my mom back to court to try to lower his child support because he says the 50,000.00 dollars he gave her is part of her income. My mom say this will lower her child support. Is this true? I have not seen my dad since before the divorce because me and my mom moved and didn't tell my dad where. He is also asking the court to enforce visiting rights.I'm mad ad my dad because the divorce is his fault, do I have to see him?
      Does a girl have the right to see a doctor to see if she is pregnant without her parents knowing?
      If my parents are divorced, can my mom put me in foster care w/o dad's permission?
      What happens when kids are found left alone in an unsanitary environment?
      I was born out of wedlock and have my mom's last name. Can I stop my dad from changing my last name to his?
      How can a minor protect themselves from verbal/mental abuse?
      My father wants to give up his parental rights, can he do that, and can my mom still get child support from him?

    I am in a foster home that I am finally happy with. I am being forced to visit my biological mother and the plan is for me to go back and live with her. I don't want to. Can CPS make me?

      Who is obligated to pay child support after a divorce?
      What happens if child support is not paid?
      A biological father who has not seen his son in 7 years recently started paying child support. Does he still have parental rights?
      Can gays adopt in AZ?
      If we haven't been married long, can we just get an annulment?
      What is required to get a divorce?
      What are the grounds for a divorce?
      Can I just let my ex-spouse take care of the kids?
      What rights and responsibilities do I have if I am not sure the child is mine?
      Can an abused person press criminal charges against the offending partner?
      Can an abused person bring an action for personal injuries against the offending partner?
      Do I need a marriage license? Why can't we just say our vows to each other?
      Once I have the license, what else do I need?
      What is community property?
      What kinds of protection can an abused spouse receive from a court while a divorce is pending?
      Who is responsible for paying the bills?
      Can sexual crimes occur within a marriage?
      Does an abused spouse have to start divorce proceedings to get help from the courts?
      I am 15 years old and have been using my mom's married name at school for 7 years. I want to change my name legally and do not want my legal name on my license. How do I do that? Thank you.
      I'm 14 and I live with my dad and stepmom.  My stepmom has punched me twice, and I feel unloved at my dad's.  I want to live with my mom, can I take my dad to court? And will they let me live with my mom?

    Is child custody/visitation mediation mandatory in the state of Arizona? Is Arizona a joint custody state?

      I'm almost 18 I'm american citizen but my mom and dad are not, until when could I start putting documents in imigration to make them american citizen? Could I take the papers now, by the time I'm 18 they could recibe their papers? or until I'm 18
      I am 17 and my boyfirend is 18. We are 14 months apart and I am pregnant.  Is there anyway my parents can charge him with rape, without my say, in the State of Arizona?
      Once I am adopted, what is the legal age for me to move out?
      Where can I get information about birth certificates?
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